Wednesday, February 17, 2010

400-408Phil Cooke, is a Hollywood producer with a Ph.D. in Theology who speaks at workshops, seminars, and conferences all over the world, and he advises the top non-profit and faith-based media organizations on how to better utilize the latest media technologies more effectively.  The studios of Cooke Pictures ( are located in Burbank, and Phil blogs regularly at  His latest book is The Last TV Evangelist:  Why The Next Generation Couldn't Care Less About Religious Media…And Why It Matters.  Previous releases:  Branding Faith: Why Some Churches and Non-Profits Impact the Culture and Others Don't, and Creative Christian Media.

413-423Phil Cooke

428-437Andrew Marin, president and founder The Marin Foundation (, a nonprofit that seeks to build bridges between the GLBT community and the religious community, and blogs regularly, his latest book is entitled Love Is An Orientation: Elevating The Conversation With The Gay Community.  If you'd like to contact Andrew directly about maybe a friend or loved one in the gay community, and you've got questions how to handle it, you can email him at

443-452 Andrew Marin

• LifeSiteNews (2/15/2010) Leaked Document: No Opt-Out for Children from Pro-Gay Classes in Ontario Schools.

458-508 Lynn Edgington, founder-president of Eagle Research Associates (949-837-6078,), warns us of the latest scams targeting seniors. He has a free seminar tomorrow night (2/18) from 7-9pm at Saddleback in room 301-303. He has a workshop coming up on Saturday, March 6 at the Agoura Court Complex in Agoura Hills from 8am-4:30pm.  It's called "Investment Fraud – A Guide How To Keep From Being Scammed." It's usually $95, but for our KKLA listeners he's knocking it down to $75 per person. To register go to and click the "Donate" link. Registration ends Thursday, March 4th, and there is no registration at the door.  However, you can mail him a check to register at the address on the website.  Today, Lynn warns us about two new scams – beware of "Narc That Car" and "DNA."

512-523 Lynn Edgington

528-538Dennis Prager, ( heard weekdays 9-Noon on our sister-station 870 KRLA. He'll be joining me at our special KKLA event called Religion on the Line: An Inter-Faith Dialogue, moderated by Steve Arterburn.  It will be a compelling and intelligent discussion about the similarities and differences between Christianity and Judaism. It will be live at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Anaheim on Sunday, February 21st from 4-6pm. Tickets are on sale now at

544-554 Dennis Prager

558-608 – • Fox News (2/17/2010) Haitian Judge Releases 8 of 10 American Missionaries.

• Breitbart (2/17/2010) 'Dead' Colombian woman moves arm at funeral home.

• OC Register (2/16/2010) Strangers who saved man from burning van 'angels'.

612-623Ever have a "guardian angel" come to your aid?



• Cal Beisner, Cornwall Alliance (2/17/2010) Special Edition: Phil Jones's Revelations and the The Meltdown of Global Warming Alarmism.

• Mark Landsbaum (2/12/2010) What to say to a global warming alarmist.

• Jonah Goldberg (2/17/2010) Brennan, Politics and National Security.

(2:29) NC teacher on Facebook (WRAL TV North Carolina @ 2/15/2010).  WRAL broadcasters discuss the situation of eighth grade teacher Melissa Hussain, her Facebook post and her suspension from work.

• Catholic Encyclopedia, "Ash Wednesday."

• San Luis Obispo Tribune Online (2/15/2010). Teacher may lose job after derogatory comments about her students on Facebook. Calls: Should this teacher be suspended?  Should employers have rules for employees restricting what is posted on social networking sites?

• WRAL Online (2/15/2010) Apex teacher suspended after parents question Facebook comments.

• The Providence Journal Online (2/13/2010). Central Falls to fire every high school teacher. Calls from teachers: Would you agree to work 25 extra minutes a day for a tiny bit more pay if you were in a failing school district?

• Los Angeles Times Online (2/17/2010) West Hollywood bans most cat, dog sales at pet stores. Ironically, no West Hollywood pet shops currently sell animals.