Tuesday, January 12, 2010

400-408 Lynn Edgington, founder-president of Eagle Research Associates (949-837-6078,, warns us of the latest scams targeting seniors.

413-423Lynn Edgington

428-437Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church (, and President of The King's College and Seminary (, talks about Harry Reid's comments, and the federal trial against Prop 8.

443-452 Bishop Kenneth Ulmer

458-508Jay Richards, visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation (, who blogs regularly at The (the Journal of the American Enterprise Institute), and is the author of Money, Greed, And God:  Why Capitalism Is The Solution And Not The Problem (browse), talks about the media response to Brit Hume's comments regarding Tiger Woods, and Avatar.

• Jay Richards (1/11/10) Brit Hume Defended Again.

512-529Jay Richards

• CNN (1/11/2010) Audiences experience 'Avatar' blues.

534-538Maurice Baker, Events Specialist with the Los Angeles Clippers, invites all pastors out for their 3rd Annual Pastor's Appreciation Day, Monday, January 18th, for a game against the New Jersey Nets at 12:30pm. The first 250 pastors to sign up receive 2 free tickets while supplies last!  The Clippers are also offering special discounted tickets to everyone. Log on to, keyword: "Clippers."  213-742-7540.

544-554Sidney Henry, with Food for the Poor, tells us how we can help those affected by today's catastrophic earthquake in Haiti – by calling (866) 714-3663, or going to

555 – [2:00] "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL (

558-608Lynn Edgington

612-623Lynn Edgington

628-638Bishop Kenneth Ulmer,

644-652 Bishop Kenneth Ulmer,

• Breitbart (1/12/2010) Statement from Conan O'Brien.