Thursday, January 28, 2009

Today we're partnering with Cross International to provide disaster relief to the survivors of the January 12th earthquake in Haiti. They've fled Port-au-Prince, the triage is almost over, and they've fled to the rural villages.  Who are so overwhelmed!  Cross has been there since 1999, and they're help isn't just physical items, it's also spiritual – they work directly with pastors and churches.  

Since the earthquake, they've already delivered 6 containers, 5 more are on the way, and they've got 19 more ready to be shipped off.  Each 8x8x40' container holds at least 250,000 meals and costs $8,000!  Your one-time gift of $60 provides a disaster-relief care-package that contains food, water, blankets and basic medical supplies.  To help, call 888-979-2009!  Joining us from Cross International, are my buddies Tom Lewis and Jim "Veldo" Veldhuis from Cross International ( join me in studio.