Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today, we're rescuing orphans in Mozambique through Cross International!  888-979-2009.

Your one-time gift of $68 will rescue an orphan off the street and gently place them into a Christian home with a full year's supply of food, clothing, medical care and even school supplies!  And they even keep siblings together! 

There are thousands of Christian families in Africa right now saying, "Yes, we will take an orphan into our Christian hut, but we simply can't afford it, we're barely meeting our own family's needs.  But, if you'll help, if you'll pay for their expenses, then yes, we'll welcome these orphans into our families and care for them and love them as we do our own children, and we promise to live out the gospel before them every day!"

And, once an orphan completes the year of care you've provided, their care doesn't stop, nor do they have to move to some facility.  For the cost of their care up to the age of 18 has already been provided for through the generosity of major donors to Cross International.  So, you sponsor the first year, and every year after that, until they're 18, they will be cared for too!

$68 provides care for a child in a Christian home for an entire year!  ($68, $136, $204, $272, $340).

Will you rescue two orphans for $136?

If you use a credit card, it will go to work in 24 hours, and your rescued orphan will be with a Christian family in just a few days.

How about a family match, if you have three kids, how about rescuing three kids for $204?

More than 97% of each gift goes to the direct care for the children, just 3% goes to administrative overhead.

• For your gift of $2000, we'll partner with you and give you a $3000 KKLA advertising package.

Tom Lewis and Brad England are with Cross International (

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