Wednesday, October 7, 2009

330-338Sean McDowell, (, head of the Bible department at Capistrano Valley Schools (, and author of many books including Apologetics For A New Generation: A Biblical And Culturally Relevant Approach To Talking About God.  And, in the new revised version of his dad's 1977 megaseller More Than A Carpenter, Sean joins his father, Josh McDowell, to tackle the questions that today's generation continues to ask about the person of Jesus Christ – with a new chapter devoted to addressing the "New Atheism."
• The Nation (6/7/07) The New Atheists.
What began with publisher W.W. Norton taking a chance on a gutsy, hyperbolic and idiosyncratic attack on religion by a graduate student in neuroscience has grown into a remarkable intellectual wave.  No fewer than five books by the New Atheists have appeared on bestseller lists in the past two years--Sam Harris's The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation, Daniel Dennett's Breaking the Spell, Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion and now Christopher Hitchens's God Is Not Great. The scandalized media have both attacked and inflated the phenomenon. After the New York Times Book Review, for example, ran a thoughtful review of Harris and then a negative front-page review of Dawkins, the daily paper published two weak op-ed attacks on the writers and a vapid article on how atheists celebrate Christmas, followed by tongue-in-cheek admiration in the Book Review for Hitchens's ability to promote his career by saying the unexpected.

343-354Sean McDowell.  Rebutting the New Atheists.

358-408Todd Zeile, former major league baseball player for 16 years with 11 teams, who's just one of only 85 players to ever hit 250 HR's, knock in 1,000 RBI's, and amass 2,000 Hits.  Todd is now both an actor and a producer, a big force behind the Liquid Series with director John Ward and Jeff Pries from Mariners.  They just finished their feature film I AM, check it out at, which is their early-internal site, the public site is coming real soon.

413-423Todd Zeile

428-437 – • BBC News (10/6/09) Australian fans face booze limit.  Their new rule is 24 17oz. cans of beer or 36 17oz.cans of light beer per day – equivalent to drinking 34 of our 12oz cans of regular beer, and 51 12 oz cans of lite beer respectively.  Are you kidding me?  How can you walk?  Let alone stay conscious enough to watch a race?
438 – [2:00] Let's check in with the "pros" at Applied Financial Planning, "The Money Guys" Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL or  (1) "Robert, tell me about your best resurrection job you've had to perform on an abandoned 401k…how much money was lost because it just sat there unattended and where's it at today after you had to perform triage?"  (2) "What'd you do specifically to turn it around?" (3) "What kind of information have you got for my listeners who want to talk to you about their abandoned 401k?"]  Get independent, unbiased advice on your investments and retirement planning from the "pros" in the investment world in Southern California for decades, "The Money Guys," Robert Micone & Bill O'Connor, at Applied Financial Planning, by calling 866-SEEK-COUNSEL or on the web at

443-452John Wildman, he is the Executive Director at The Sheepfold (, a ministry started by Fran Lundquist to minister to women with young children who are victims of abuse.  This month, October 2009, they celebrate their  30th Anniversary!

458-508John Wildman,
512-523David Trujillo, he is the pastor of Calvary Chapel South LA since 2005 (, 323-583-8894).  David was a gang member who came to Christ at the age of 19, in 1992, after hearing David Rosales preach.  He started playing basketball with the kids in South Central, and that grew into a shuttling ministry taking car loads of kids to hear pastor David.  In time, many of the kids were unable to keep going, so David asked Rosales what to do.  Rosales encouraged him to start a Bible Study – that has now become Calvary Chapel South LA.  Edwin approached Trujillo about the idea of a skate park, David consented, and the Lord has opened many doors to reach the kids, and their families, in the neighborhood that was once rival turf for Trujillo.  Today, hundreds of kids are reached with the gospel at their skate park.  What a creative outreach!
We want to invite you to Hear His Voice '09 this Saturday from 10am-4pm at the Nokia Plaza.  Find out more by going to  You'll be hearing from David, David Rosales, David Zamora, Gary Ruff, Jimmy Orate, and Tommy Cota.
528-538David Trujillo
544-554(2:30) Pauline Jacoby 92 (WMC-TV Memphis @ 12/6/07) Action News 5 reporter Nick Paranjape reports on the 92 year old woman who ministered the gospel to her robber.
• WMC-TV Memphis (12/6/07) Dyersburg grandmother witnesses to man trying to rob her.  What's your best witnessing story?  Whom do you know who has come to Christ whom you thought was the most unlikely person to do so?
• Stratfor (10/6/09) Russia Responds on the Iran Issue.

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