Tuesday, November 13, 2012

400-408 – Heidi Harris, co-host along with Ben Shapiro and Brian Whitman, of the morning show on our sister station AM 870 The Answer.  A native of Las Vegas, former professional singer, HR recruiter, and author of Cocktail Waitress Wisdom: Life lessons learned while carrying a tray in Las Vegas (2010) (Amazon) (  She graduated from Chaparral High School in Vegas in 1980.


413-423 – Heidi Harris,

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428-438 – Heidi Harris,

443-452 – Heidi Harris,

458-508 – Dr. Vinod Shah, is CEO of The International Christian Medical and Dental Association (, grew up as a Jain in southern India, and came to Christ after reading the Sermon on the Mount while at a Jesuit College in Chennai.  

512-523 – Calls – In light of the Petraeus scandal, how many of you have been touched by infidelity?  Either in your marriage or by one of your parents?  What's your advice to the victims, and to the perpetrators?  For the adulterees, did you miss any clues?  What part of the failure do you now "own"?  For the adulterers, did you know when it was that you "crossed the line"?  At the time, did you really think you could "get away with it?"  Do you believe, "once a cheater, always a cheater?"  Should you expose a cheating spouse or fiancé? 

• Truth About Deception, Facts and Statistics About Infidelity.

• Truth About Deception, Is My Husband or Wife Cheating?

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