Friday, November 9, 2012

400-408 – Set aside the two obvious moral issues, and you're still left with the economic issues.  Bottom line, why are conservative economic ideas better than liberal economic ideas?  Why is smaller, decentralized government better for citizens of a republic than larger, centralized bureaucratic rule over subjects?  One quick answer is that it is simply less expensive for those who actually pay the taxes to keep it operational.  But, deeper than that, it really comes down to Patrick Henry's "give me liberty, or give me death."  Or, as Dennis Prager says, "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen."  To me, the big gov vs. limited gov issue comes down to liberty.  And, on Tuesday, I believe individual liberty lost to the collective.

Big government always breeds dependency and entitlement at the price of limiting liberty.  Liberty always comes with the individual responsibility to maintain it.  Liberty is a fragile thing.  

The America of today looks like it won the French Revolution, not the American.  What's so sad is that America had been founded on Christian principles, not the principles of the Left.  But when American schools no longer tell the story of America, why is anyone surprised that each successive generation doesn't appreciate the idea of America?  

Biblical values create wealth and promote human flourishing.  Go against biblical principles and it gets expensive and enslaving.  More specifically, sin is expensive and destroys wealth, and not solely in economic terms.  In our sinful desire to liberate from the constraints of "God's Way" we may believe we're becoming more free, but we're becoming more enslaved to Caesar, Pharaoh, or the Leviathan.  Or as our founders would say, when our reason fails to restrain our passions, we enslave ourselves with the consequences of the choices we've made.  Reality cannot be fooled – detained for a while, but not fooled.  Like the laws of physics, there are also the laws of economics.

For example, fewer marriages and increased illegitimacy leads to weaker families and weaker citizens.  Why? Because as people fail to rely on themselves, they'll rely on government, and Big Government is always there to embrace you in exchange for more of your allegiance and liberty.

But Big Government is expensive and inefficient.  Now that California has a Democrat supermajority in Sacramento, we'll see what the newest Liberal Utopia has in store for us – prosperity, or depression.  One thing I know, reality will not be fooled.

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