Friday, August 3, 2012

400-408 – • LAT (8/3/2012) Chick-fil-A Kiss-In: LAPD called to Hollywood store over media mob.

• LAT (8/3/2012) Chick-fil-A 'kiss' day marred by 'Tastes like hate' graffiti.

• NBC (8/3/2012) Pro-gay marriage groups have Chick-fil-A 'Kiss-In'.

• Michael Warren (Weekly Standard, 8/2/2012) Mainstream Media Blacks Out Chick-fil-A Story?

// There's no mention of Chick-fil-A on the front pages of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and the Boston Globe. The front pages of USA Today, the Dallas Morning News, and the Houston Chronicle have small headlines about the restaurant, while Chick-fil-A's hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, fits in a story below the fold under the heading, "Chick-fil-A Controversy." And the front pages of major news websites are quiet in their coverage as well. //

•• Todd Starnes (Fox News, 8/3/2012) Media Launches Scathing Attacks, Threats Against Chick-fil-A.

413-423 – Calls – Yesterday, I got a call from Christina, who said she was a conservative Christian and Republican that I had met at the Dream Center, that she supported traditional marriage, and she supported Chick-Fil-A – even though she was a lesbian with a long term partner.  At least one emailer thought I was encouraging a "Christian lesbian relationship" and that I should have tried to "save" her.  My boss got this complaint email about me (name redacted, obviously).

Today I listen to Frank Pastori fully encourage a Christian Lesbian relationship? Would that mean he also supports Fornication since sex outside of marriage is sin? Instead of taking the time to correctly share the truth with her and save her soul, he has now join the ranks of a Soul Loser. Or maybe he has been that way all along. People's lives hang in the balance and considering that he has been studied theology or been to seminary school giving such a ringing endorsement requires action from the KKLA Radio Station Executives. I have listened to ministry programs for years but now I will go directly to their websites and listen via internet on my smart phone. My wife and I also were once contributers but I clearly see no reason to resume supporting KKLA when our financial situation recovers. If KKLA should take action to correct this obvious misrepresentation of Christ you will have to email me for I will no longer listen or support the station.

(4:10, 2:00) Caller Christina.

428-438 – Calls – 

443-452 – Calls – 

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544-554 – Calls –

558-608 – Dave Berg, has a lifetime in radio and television, from literally doing the pork bellies report in rural Wisconsin, to being a producer for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" for the past 18 years.  He's been a reporter, an anchor, and the executive producer and bureau chief for various television news organizations.  Before joining the tonight show, he was a writer-producer for NBC News.  He has a B.A. in political science from Northwestern University and an M.S. in journalism from Kansas State. He and his wife Mary have two children, and live in Los Angeles.  He's a Christian conservative.  Follow him at

612-623 – Dave Berg,

628-639 – Dave Berg,

644-656 – Dave Berg,

• Peggy Noonan (8/2/2012, WSJ) The Life of the Party: What Bill Clinton could add to the Obama re-election effort.  Only 5% of "us" are "undecided" – which is a 53-47 presidential victory.

• Mike Flynn (Breitbart, 8/3/2012) THE PRIVATE SECTOR BUILT EVERYTHING.

(8X) • Blaze (8/3/2012) 'A DIFFERENCE IN PHILOSOPHY': PAUL RYAN GIVES EPIC SPEECH IN SUPPORT OF FREE ENTERPRISE.  House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan yesterday on the floor.

(:53) PR1 – True Capitalism.  Difference in philosophy. "The United States tax code is a mess. We've got to get out of the game of Washington picking winners and losers through the tax code. These special interest loopholes end up rewarding a few while raising taxes on everyone else. We want to remove these barriers of upward mobility and opportunity to have a true entrepreneurial form of capitalism, not crony capitalism."

(:20) PR2 – Special Interests.  Both parties are guilty of this.

(:17) PR3 – Global Competition.  97% of the world's consumers live in other countries.

(:11) PR4 – Taxing Small Business.

(:48) PR5 – Canada Lower Tax Rates.  Canada is 15%, Wisconsin's rate is 44.8%!

(:32) PR6 – Let People Keep Their Own Money.  Difference in philosophy.  

(:28) PR7 – Best Intentions.  Let's have a public debate about this, not in back rooms.

(:09) PR8 – Clean Up & Down Vote

• CNBC (8/3/2012) 'Real' Unemployment Rate Shows Far More Jobless.

While the national unemployment rate paints a grim picture, a look at individual states and their so-called real jobless rates becomes even more troubling.

The government's most widely publicized unemployment rate measures only those who are out of a job and currently looking for work. It does not count discouraged potential employees who have quit looking, nor those who are underemployed — wanting to work full-time but forced to work part-time.

For that count, the government releases a separate number called the "U-6," which provides a more complete tally of how many people really are out of work.

The numbers in some cases are startling.

Consider: Nevada's U-6 rate is 22.1 percent, up from just 7.6 percent in 2007. Economically troubled California has a 20.3 percent real rate, while Rhode Island is at 18.3 percent, more than double its 8.3 percent rate in 2007.

Those numbers compare especially unfavorably to the national rate, high in itself at 14.9 percent though off its record peak of 17.2 percent in October 2009.

Only three states — Nebraska (9.1 percent), South Dakota (8.6 percent) and North Dakota (6.1 percent) — have U-6 rates under 10 percent, according to research from RBC Capital Markets. //