Wednesday, June 6, 2012

400-408 – Bob Cornuke, is a former law enforcement professional investigator, who takes his experience as a CSI and SWAT team member to do "historical autopsies" in search of Bible artifacts.  He's earned the reputation as the "Christian Indiana Jones" – he's been on over 30 expeditions around the world searching for the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, Paul's shipwreck on Malta, and the actual location of Mt. Sinai in Arabia.  He's the President of the BASE Institute – the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute in Colorado Springs (  He's got a Ph.D. in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University – and he's even featured on a Trivial Pursuit card about Mt. Sinai!  His latest video is The Lost Shipwreck of Paul out of Acts 27 and 28.  Bob was on back in December, and shared that he would not be able to watch his show on The History Channel because his daughter had an event at school – he had 5 segments featured on their "Proving God" show.

• Where is the real Mt. Sinai?  Bob is confident it is not on the Sinai Peninsula, but actually in northwest Saudi Arabia, in the land of Midian.  Why?  Because Galatians 4:25 says Mt. Sinai is in Arabia, and many early church fathers cited the location in Arabia too.  Even today, locals in the are refer to the mountain as Jabal Moussa, "The Mountain of Moses."  Atop this mountain, that many believe is a volcano, are rocks that are charred and burnt.  But, they are not volcanic, but metamorphic – they're granite.  Around the mountain are all kinds of confirming evidence, including altars, Hebrew artifacts, boundaries erected every 400 yards, etc.  Perhaps most spectacularly, there is a 40' split rock beneath which a dry waterfall remains, displaying evidence of massive erosion washing away the mountain side – this in an area that gets about half-an-inch of water every 10 years!  Bob "Sludge" Cornuke has recently been introduced to additional artifacts from the region, as of December 2011, including a photograph of a display of Egyptian gold jewelry with Hebrew inscriptions taken from the base of the mountain that allegedly was snapped in a Riyadh museum.  To learn more, check out the DVD entitled Mountain of Fire at

Bob Cornuke, will be hosting another Footsteps of Paul trip this summer, from July 16-27, and he'll be dragging along his friend Frank Turek to Malta, Rome, Pompeii, Ephesus, Athens, Corinth, Santorini, and Istanbul.  If you wanna join them, get more info at, or call 888-771-8717.

• What about the location of the real Mt. Sinai? (It's near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia).

413-423 – Bob Cornuke, What about the location of the real Mt. Ararat (It's northwest of Tehran, just south of the Caspian Sea, referred to as Mt. Suleyman.)

428-438 – Bob Cornuke, Where is the Ark of the Covenant today?  (It in Axum, Ethiopia.)

443-452 – Bob Cornuke & Jim Copeland, Vice President of US Ministries for Promise Keepers ( – "PK's Back!"

458-508 – Tim Heaslet (Founder) and Abe Kulman (Director) of Children of Fallen Soldiers join us to talk about their ministry to the kids who have lost a parent in the United States Military.   A generous family has just donated the use of their 40' RV and 20' trailer for them to use until the end of the year, so now they're ready to start their Children of Fallen Soldiers National Encouragement Tour as soon as the last few dollars are raised – the Tour will likely raise enough support to help many more kids throughput the remainder of 2012.  To help, call 773-234-KIDS (5437), or donate online at  

512-523 – Tim Heaslet & Abe Kulman

528-539 – Tim Heaslet & Abe Kulman.

544-554 – Tim Heaslet & Abe Kulman.

558-608 – Dr. Larry Rosen, a psychology professor at Cal State Dominguez Hills, with expertise in the Psychology of Technology (, his new book is iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession With Technology and Overcoming its Hold on Us (2012) (Amazon).  His previous books were: TechnoStress: Coping with Technology @Work @Home @Play (1998), Me, MySpace and I: Parenting the Net Generation (2007), and Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn (2010).  Larry has four children, ranging in age from 17 to 32.  He earned a B.A. in Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude) from UCLA, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of California at San Diego. 

Prof for 37 years.  Scene changes now ever 45 seconds.

Consider taking a "tech-break."  Tell your kids, your family, your classroom, etc., to check their smart phone for the next one minute, after which we're going to take a "tech-break" for 15 minutes, followed by another one-minute tech break.  You'll be amazed at how attention is increased for those 15 minutes.

612-623 – Dr. Larry Rosen,

628-639 – Dr. Larry Rosen,

644-656 – Dr. Larry Rosen,

• Peter Wehner (Commentary, 6/6/2012) What Scott Walker's Victory Signals.

• Walker Wins Recall!

The race was over early and turnout was heavy (Fox News).  From Forbes on Walker:  The fiscal cancer devouring state budgets has a cure, and he has found it. The costly defeat for the entrenched union interests that tried to oust Walker in retribution for challenging their power was marked by President Obama's refusal to lend his weight to the campaign for fear of being stained by defeat. We'll see how well this strategy of opportunistic detachment serves in the fall as Obama reaches out to unions for support (Forbes).  From Romney:  Tonight's results will echo beyond the borders of Wisconsin. Governor Walker has shown that citizens and taxpayers can fight back – and prevail – against the runaway government costs imposed by labor bosses (Weekly Standard).  From Obama:  (crickets…) From another story:  In a statement Tuesday night, the Wisconsin director of Obama's campaign, Tripp Wellde, pointed to a bright spot for Democrats: Exit polls show voters favoring Obama over Republican challenger Mitt Romney (WRCB)  See story 2 for more on that.  The GOP chairman says Republicans had a solid ground game in Wisconsin (Politico).  The unions brought in thugs from Chicago to make sure questionable voters were allowed to vote (NRO).  The Wall Street Journal explains unions "lost in the end because Mr. Walker and Republicans rode out the storm, passed their reforms, and are now able to show Wisconsin voters the beneficial results" (WSJ).  Walker's speech and more (SONnetwork).

• NRO Editors (6/5/2012) Walker, Unbowed