Monday, June 18, 2012

400-408 – Dr. Jim Wilder, clinical psychologist and neurotheologian (Ph.D. Fuller, 1977), author of many books, including the book which has launched a whole church-based counseling movement, The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You – 2000 (Amazon).  Neurotheology is the intersection of brain science and biblical counseling, and the goal of the LIFE model is to train local churches to become centers of self-propagating recovery, producing emotional maturity and spiritual wellness.  Central to it all is learning the importance of joy.  The portal is, click on the "Heard It On The Pastore Show?" banner to access all the stuff mentioned on my show.  Jim and his wife Kitty have five children, and 19 grandkids, and one great grand child.

• Join me Thursday June 28th as I emcee an evening dinner celebration honoring the life and ministry of Dallas and Jane Willard at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club, hosted by Dr. Jim Wilder.  Tickets are $75 per person.  Go to is for more info.

• Tomorrow, June 19th, is the last day to sign up for both! 

• The Heart & Soul Conference is June 27-29th at La Canada Presbyterian Church, all about the intersection of emotional maturity and spiritual maturity.  Go to, and click on the "Heard It On The Pastore Show?" banner.

413-423 – Dr. Jim Wilder, Share how a "Life Model Church" functions?

428-438 – Dr. Jim Wilder, This is the intersection of spiritual formation and brain science.  The Emanuel Process is being aware of God's presence all the time, especially in response to things that would tend to derail or distract us from God's presence.  

LINER – KKLA invites you to "Dodger Faith and Family Day" Saturday June 30th.  If you get your tickets, starting at $8.00, thru, you'll also get a special wristband allowing you on to the field after the game to hear testimonies from Dodgers like Clayton Kershaw, AJ Ellis, and Josh Lindblom.  Go to, keyword "Dodgers."

443-452 – Dr. Jim Wilder,

458-508 – Dinesh D'Souza ( best-selling author, lecturer, President of King's College (, and now filmmaker, with the 90-minute docudrama 2016 Obama's America – Love Him, Hate Him, You Don't Know Him ( coming out in July, based on his book The Roots of Obama's Rage (2010) (Amazon), and produced by Gerald Molen, co-producer with Steven Spielberg of Schindler's List, and producer of Twister, and Jurassic Park.

512-523 – Dinesh D'Souza,

528-539 – • Ron Williams (WSJ, 6/17/2012) Why I No Longer Support the Health Insurance Mandate – Should ObamaCare be overturned by the Supreme Court, insurers have solutions ready to go. Mr. Williams is a former chairman and CEO of Aetna.

LINER – KKLA invites you to the 14th Annual Fourth of July Spectacular at Shepherd of the Hills in Porter Ranch for a holiday full of food, activities, music, and spectacular fireworks!  Bring your blankets and chairs!  And swing by our KKLA booth for cool prizes!  Our live broadcast begins at 9pm.  Go to, keyword "Fireworks."

544-554 – • Mark Steyn (NRO, 6/16/2012) Ground Control to President Obama.  We don't need attempts at soaring rhetoric in a time of earthbound problems.

558-608 – Mark Merrill, president of Family First (, and the guy behind their All Pro Dad and iMOM programs.  He and Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy just co-authored All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids (2012) (, all about inspiring men to become better fathers.  [NB, Mark did NOT play in the NFL! :) ]

612-623 – Mark Merrill

628-639 – Calls – How did God show up yesterday?

644-656 – Calls – How did God show up yesterday?