Friday, February 17, 2012

400-408 – Scott Rae is the chair of the department of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics at Talbot.  Scott's expertise are in the area of medical ethics and business ethics, dealing with the application of Christian ethics to medicine and the marketplace.  He's authored 10 books, including The Ethics of Commercial Surrogate Motherhood, Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics, and Body and Soul: Human Nature and the Crisis in Ethics.

• Last week, Talbot hosted Jennifer Lahl's documentary, Anonymous Father's Day (, a film that explores the stories of adult children of anonymous sperm donors.  Each year in America, there are 30,000 to 60,000 children born of anonymous sperm donors!  Check out, where these offspring are trying to connect with their brothers and sisters.

• Scott Rae and Joy Riley, Outside the Womb: Moral Guidance for Assisted Reproduction (Amazon, 2011). A great resource not only for couples addressing infertility, but also for pastors and counselors to get great guidance.  The guiding principal is that it is almost always better to adopt frozen embryos than to involve a third party – but you must emphasize the "almost always.", the Snowflake Frozen Embryo Adoption and Donation Program.

413-423 – Scott Rae

428-438 – Scott Rae

443-452 – Scott Rae

458-508 – Jay Richards, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Wealth, Poverty, and Morality at the Discovery Institute (, and a contributing editor for the Journal of the American Enterprise Institute at, has a dual-track Ph.D. from Princeton in both philosophy and theology, and he's the author of a wonderful Christian defense of capitalism entitled Money, Greed, And God:  Why Capitalism Is The Solution And Not The Problem (browse) – now in paperback!  His latest book, co-authored with James Robison, just came out entitled Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family and Freedom Before It's Too Late (Amazon).

508 – Don't miss our upcoming KKLA Faith Night at Staples on Thursday March 15th to watch Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the Clippers take on the Phoenix Suns. Tickets are only $18 through, keyword "Clippers."

512-523 – Jay Richards

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544-554 – Jay Richards

558-608 – Paul Karpf, Founder and CEO of Financial Recovery USA (, 877-995-55-52), here to explain what the recent bailout of the banks means for homeowners trying to stay in their homes.  Call Paul before 9pm tonight and he'll guarantee that you'll have the opportunity to sit down with one of his representatives to review your situation.  If you're still in your house, even if you haven't made a payment for 36 months, he can still help.


623 – How'd you like to be able to send your son or daughter to a great Christian school this Fall for half price?  Go to, click on the "Half Off Tuition" banner, and check out the cool map with all the schools we're partnering with, and get the details on how this might be a great fit for your family.  If so, be listening on Wednesday, February 22nd, right at 4pm, when I'll give out a special phone number, and if you're ready to put the whole one-half tuition on your credit card at that moment, you'll be one of only two families per school to qualify for this great deal!  That's the "Half Off Tuition" banner at, go now!

628-639 – Calls – Don't we want all children to eat-well balanced meals at school?  For children who don't have those well-balanced meals, as defined by the nutritional standards, shouldn't the school cafeteria provide anything that's missing?  And if the family can pay for it, shouldn't they?  But if they can't, shouldn't we – the taxpayers?  We are, to the tune of $10.8 billion dollars this year.

Teachers, and those of you who works with kids in public schools, how bad are these lunches that some kids are bringing?  Would you like to have the authority to replace lunches that don't meet nutritional standards?  Do we need something like this?  Have you ever given a lunch to a child at school?  When you do, are the children (and parents) insulted, or grateful?

• Food and Nutrition Service, National School Lunch Program (pdf). In FY 2010, the cost to feed 31 million children each school day was $10.8 billion dollars.  From July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012, children from families at 130% of the poverty level, or $29,055, eat for free.  Those between 130%-185% (up to $41,348) get reduced-priced meals.  Participating schools get a cash reimbursement of at least $2.77 for free lunches, $2.37 for reduced-price lunches, and $0.26 for paid lunches.

• States average 180 school days per year.  So, 31M kids x 180 days = 5.58 billion lunches served.  Divided by $10.8B = $1.94 cost per lunch.

• LAUSD, Provision 2 of the National School Lunch Act (pdf).

644-654 – Calls

• Charles Krauthammer (NRO, 2/16/2012) The Obamacare Trifecta.

• Peggy Noonan (WSJ, 2/17/2012) How Honest Is 'Honest Abe'? Campaigns have always been negative, but they haven't always been ubiquitous.

• Craig Keener (Huffington Post, 2/15/2012) Are Miracles Real?  Keener is the author of Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts.