Thursday, January 5, 2011

400-408 – Max McLean, star of the The Screwtape Letters (, the provocative and wickedly funny theatrical adaptation of the C.S. Lewis' 1942 novel about spiritual warfare from a demon's point of view, that has been playing to sold-out audiences across America. Max has also narrated three translations of The Bible, John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, Martin Luther's Here I Stand, Augustine's Conversion, and Jonathan Edwards' Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.
• Sat 01/14 @ 4pm & 8pm, and Sun 01/15 at 3pm, at the Kavli Theater at the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, Box Office (805) 449-2787, Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000.
413-423 – Max McLean,
428-438 – Max McLean,
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443-452 – Max McLean,
458-508 – Greg Laurie, pastor of both Harvest Riverside ( and Harvest Orange County.
512-523 – (3X) ABC News story about the teen mom shooting the intruder on New Year's Eve.
528-539 – David Nystrom, Provost and Senior Vice President at Biola, on the $3M Templeton Grant for the Center for Christian Thought.
544-554 – (1:32) Eugene Robinson on MSNBC Rachel Maddow's Show.
Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Eugene Robinson doesn't think voters will be "down" with how Rick Santorum and his wife mourned their stillborn child. 
"He's not a little weird, he's really weird," Robinson said of Santorum. "And some of his positions that he has taken are just so weird that I think that some Republicans are off-put. Not everybody is not going to be down, for example, with the story of how he and his wife handled the stillborn child. It was a body that they took home to kind of sleep with it, introduce it to the rest of the family. It's a very weird story."
"And his positions on gay people and gay marriage are just offensive, objectionable and so totally wrong. It is, you know," Robinson said of Santorum's social conservative values.
"This is a guy who should never become president, in my view," Robinson said at the end of the segment. //
• Peter Wehner (Commentary, 01/05/2012) Partisan Politics and Vicious Assaults.
558-608 – Stan Wallace 
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612-623 – Stan Wallace
628-639 – Stan Wallace
644-654 – Stan Wallace