Monday, December 12, 2011

400-408 – David Horner, professor of philosophy at Biola University, author of Mind Your Faith: A Student's Guide to Thinking and Living Well (Amazon), and his website is  David is an Aquinas scholar, having earned a D.Phil from Oxford University, with over 30 years of campus experience, including three years of Crusade staff experience in Eastern Europe.  And, get this, Dave is literally allergic to books!  Dave and his wife Debbie, enjoy two adult daughters, and Debbie has been battling cancer.  Today we talk about the recent ETS-EPS in San Francisco, where David presented a paper on "Moral Apologetics" – which is all about demonstrating the goodness of God so that people will ask why we do what we do, winning a hearing for the Great God we serve.

413-423 – David Horner, What is "moral apologetics"?  We are longing for goodness, truth and beauty.

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428-438 – David Horner

443-452 – David Horner

458-508 – Hunter Jameson, chairman of the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee (, trying to save the 14-slot Nativity Story from an atheist takeover led by Damon Vix.  There's a total of 21 spaces available, 14 of them have been used by churches for the past 57 years to display the Nativity Story.  This year, Damon Vix and other atheists applied to use spots, so the city had to put them up in a random lottery.  There were four winners, the churches, a synagogue, and two atheist groups.  As a result, the churches' spots have been cut down from 14 to 3.  The Jewish group got a slot for their menorah again.  And the two atheists, who applied for 9 slots each, got them, and now these two atheists control 18 of the 21 available spaces – and to date, only three of the atheist spots have anything in them.  So, the one-block long Nativity display gets cut down to 3 slots, and the atheists get 1¾  blocks to display their message, but only use three spots.   This isn't about free speech, equal access, or tolerance – it's about censoring Christianity.  Plus, Vix put up the same bogus quote from Jefferson he used last year, "Religions are all alike — founded on fables and mythologies," which the Jefferson Foundation rejects as authentic.  To complain, call the Santa Monica City Council (310) 458-8201.

•• Santa Monica Daily Press (12/10/2011) Santa Monica nativity scenes displaced by atheist messages.  


• LAT (12/12/2011) Atheists get Santa Monica Nativity's display spaces in park.

512-523 – Hunter Jameson, and calls.

528-539 – Hunter Jameson, and calls.

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544-554 – Hunter Jameson, and calls.

558-608 – Hunter Jameson, and calls.

612-623 – Hunter Jameson, and calls.

623 – Win a free pair of tickets to see Kirk Franklin at the Citizen's Bank Arena on Friday December 23rd by going to and clicking on the Kirk Franklin button.

628-639 – Hunter Jameson, and calls.

644-654 – (4:00) Caller Nadia from Friday who will be taking hot chocolate to hookers in South Central.

Calls – Share with me some neat things you or your church did this past weekend or has been doing to meet the needs in your community.  And, I'd like to know your best "random act of kindness" story – you know, like when you maybe gave a homeless person a blanket or a bag of groceries.

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