Friday, December 30, 2011

400-408 – Engineer Annie, my wonderful engineer for the past 8 years, will be moving on after today, going full-time into her new career as a marriage and family therapist, while continuing to be a part-time therapist at her home church, Christ's Church of the Valley, in San Dimas.  All of us here at KKLA, wish she and her husband Mark, all the best!

413-423 – • Telegraph (12/29/2011) 99-year-old divorces wife after he discovered 1940s affair.  An Italian couple are to become the world's oldest divorcees, after the 99-year-old husband found that his 96-year-old wife had an affair in the 1940s.  Antonio was 22 and Rosa was 19 when they married in Naples in 1934 – 77 years ago.  The affair occurred ten years later, during the war, in 1944 – 67 years ago – when he was 32, she was 29.  Together they have had 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  He discovered the love letters while rifling through an old chest of drawers, confronted her, and she confessed to everything.  He then filed for divorce.  Ten years ago, after a fight, he moved out and stayed with one of his sons for a few weeks before returning home.

428-438 – Calls – Is Antonio doing the right thing?  Should Rosa have confessed to the affair earlier, or at all?  Why did she keep the letters all these years?  Those of you who have dealt with past infidelities, what's your advice?

439 – Looking for some fun stuff for your family to do? Check out the cool events posted on our Community Calendar over at

443-452 – • The Local (Sweden News in English) (12/30/2011) Swede pulls up carrot bearing long-lost ring Calls – What's your "lost and found" story?

458-508 – Jeff Myers, became the new president of Summit Ministries ( in October 2011, replacing the retiring David Noebel after 49 years of wonderful service – their 50th Anniversary is in 2012 – having mobilized over 150,000 students to intentionally move into positions of culture-shaping influence through in-person programs and study.  Jeff was formerly the Chairman of the Board of Summit and the President of Passing the Baton International (, and for the past 20 years, he's been on the front lines of youth leadership development as a college professor, communicator, author and curriculum developer.  He's authored seven books including Handoff, and five video-coaching systems including Understanding the Times, the curriculum that introduced biblical worldview training to Christian schools around the world.  More than two million people have used Jeff's training courses in worldview, leadership and communication.  Summit hosts 2-week conferences throughout the summer around the country, and the cost is just $895 for the entire two weeks – a great insurance policy against the thousands of dollars you'll be paying in college tuition, and a wonderful way to inoculate your kids against the toxic ideas that infect university campuses.

• The place to start teaching worldview is the question, "Who is God?"  (See the pdf here.)

• The essential worldview document is the Summit Worldview Chart, get it here (

• Summit just concluded an intensive survey of 1,591 of their past students, asking them 126 precise questions, and found that they're still solid in their faith, their intellectual life, and their spiritual life.

512-523 – Jeff Myers,

528-539 – Jeff Myers

544-554 – Jeff Myers

558-608 – Sean Dunn, president and voice-behind the GroundWire ( commercials that "Broadcast Hope" on stations like MTV and the Cartoon Network, right here in the Los Angeles market.  These are messages of hope, and there's an invitation to chat with an online spiritual coach with each commercial.  Your gift of $50 will reach about 15,000 people.  To help, call (877) 301-7414.  And, big thanks to Robert and Magili Ortega who own The Gourmet Tamale Factory in San Fernando on Maclay for their matching grant of $6,000.

• To become an online "coach" go to, and you can email Sean at

608 – Download a free Daily Devotional from your favorite KKLA teacher, maybe it's Chuck Swindoll, Alistair Begg or Greg Laurie by clicking on Program Guide over at

612-623 – Sean Dunn

628-639 – Mike Morrell, Assemblyman from the 63rd District (link), and owner of Provident Home Loan.

Assemblyman Morrell and his family share a vision of preserving freedom for the next generation; they place a high priority on educating others about the founding principles of limited, Constitutional government. Mike and his wife Joanie have been married for 33 years. Their daughter Kristen is an alumna of the Claremont Graduate School; their son David is a Yale Law School graduate; and their son Matthew currently attends Hillsdale College.

644-654 – Assemblyman Mike Morrell.  

• Michael Barone (NRO, 12/30/2011) Growth, Not Redistribution.

• Peggy Noonan (WSJ, 12/30/2011) Gingrich Is Making Romney Better: The most memorable campaign line so far isn't '9-9-9' or 'Oops.'