Thursday, October 13, 2011

400-409 – Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries ( and the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview (, is out with his new book The Sky is not Falling: Living Fearlessly in Turbulent Times (amazon), and he's hosting Do The Right Thing Video Conferences across the country ( 

108 – Phillip De Courcy's Know the Truth invites you to hear the amazing hymns of Keith and Kristyn Getty this Sunday, October 16th at Kindred Community Church.  For info and tickets go to

413-422 – Chuck Colson

428-437 – Ken Timmerman, investigative reporter and president of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (, is the author of many bestsellers including his latest about the persecuted church in Iraq entitled St. Peter's Bones (

• Ken Timmerman (FrontPage, 10/12/2011) Woefully Unprepared for EMP Attack.

• Christian Post (10/12/2011) Execution Halted: Iran Supreme Court Orders Retrial for Christian Pastor on Death Row.

443-452 – Ken Timmerman,

458-508 – Bob Cornuke, the "Christian Indiana Jones," is President of the BASE Institute – the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute ( in Colorado Springs.  He's a former police investigator, a CSI in Costa Mesa and SWAT team member who's been on over 30 expeditions around the world searching for lost locations described in the Bible – from the Ark of the Covenant, to Noah's Ark, to Paul's shipwreck, to the actual location of Mt. Sinai in Arabia.  He's got a Ph.D. in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University – and he's even featured on a Trivial Pursuit card about Mt. Sinai!  His latest video is The Lost Shipwreck of Paul out of Acts 27 and 28.  

• And Bob is going back to Ethiopia in January, and he invites you along!

• Also, keep an eye out for his "Proving God" 2-hour documentary on Discovery sometime in November.

• Today we talk about the location of the real Mt. Sinai.  Bob is confident it is not on the Sinai Peninsula, but actually in northwest Saudi Arabia, in the land of Midian.  Why?  Because Galatians 4:25 says Mt. Sinai is in Arabia, and many early church fathers cited the location in Arabia too.  Even today, locals in the are refer to the mountain as Jabal Moussa, The Mountain of Moses.  Atop this mountain, that many believe is a volcano, are rocks that are charred and burnt.  But, they are not volcanic, but metamorphic – they're granite.  Around the mountain are all kinds of confirming evidence, including altars, Hebrew artifacts, boundaries erected every 400 yards, etc.  Perhaps most spectacularly, there is a 40' split rock beneath which a dry waterfall remains, displaying evidence of massive erosion washing away the mountain side – this in an area that gets about half-an-inch of water every 10 years!  Bob "Sludge" Cornuke has recently been introduced to additional artifacts from the region, as of March 2011.  To learn more, check out the DVD entitled Mountain of Fire at

208 – The Line In The Sand is coming to the Rose Bowl, Saturday November 11th, from 11am-9pm.  It's free, but pre-register at

512-522 – Bob Cornuke,

528-538 – Wesley J. Smith, is both an attorney and a bioethicist, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and his Second Hand Smoke blog is available at First Things (  His latest is A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of Animal Rights.  Today we talk about the new effort to improve human morality, through something we can call "Better Morals Through Chemistry."  We also touch on the latest with the "rights of nature" movement and wacko environmentalism, and the other attacks on human exceptionalism – which, of course, is the Big Idea under assault.

239Pastors and Church Leaders!  Learn to increase the impact of your church at our IMPACT 2011 CONFERENCE coming up November 1st at APU, with guest speakers Jim Reeves, Dudley Rutherford, Steve Mays and J.P. Jones.  It's free, but pre-register at

544-554 – Wesley J. Smith,

558-700 – Replay first hour.