Monday, October 31, 2011

400-408 – Jill Martin-Rische, daughter of the original Bible Answer Man Walter Martin, is Executive Director of Walter Martin Ministries ( and a trained apologist in her own right.  She and her late father, along with co-author Kurt Van Gorden, are the authors of The Kingdom of the Occult (also available in Spanish).  Is simply wrong.

• Grab the article Jill will put up on her website, "Fascinating Facts on Halloween," from which much of this comes.  

• Jill shares that much of what is "common knowledge" about the origins of Halloween is simply false.  For example, there is no written record of its roots in the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain (pronounced sah-win).  Much of the mythology that "Christians took over a pagan festival" is false, and can be traced to James Fraser's The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion (1890).  Interestingly, the origin of All Saints Day refers back to the sloughter of Christians under Emperor Diocletian in 300AD, was informally remembered by the church, even mentioned by Pope Gregory III in 734AD, and was formalized as a Day of Remembrance in about 1000AD.  The point being, Halloween is not some ancient pagan holiday that the Christians took over, it is a Christian holiday that the pagans have attempted to take over!  It is the day in church history in which we are to hallow our departed saints, as role models of the Christian life.  Trick-or-treating is actually rooted in the early church celebrating All Saints Day by visiting the poor and bringing food and clothing, or the starving poor going door-to-door promising to pray for the souls of the departed in return for that evening's food. The Jack O'Lantern is rooted in the Irish folktale of Stingey Jack, and the early pumpkin decorations were actually turnips!  Vampire lore is rooted in the Hindu goddess death-cult of Kali, even the fangs.  The origin of our modern Halloween can be traced to the turn of the century and industrialization, with the mass production of candy and costumes.

413-423 – Jill Martin-Rische

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443-452 – Jill Martin-Rische

• MSN (10/14/2011) 18 frightening Halloween facts.  Some Facts from the National Retail Federation.

The US candy industry makes 10% of it's $20B budget on this one day.

We will spend $6.9B on Halloween this year, up 16% from last year.

At least $2B on candy, $2.5B on costumes, and $1.6 on decorations.

The average consumer will spend $72.31 this year, up $6.03 from last year.

The typical household will spend $21.05 on candy this year.

Pet owners will spend $310M on costumes for their pets.

Four most-popular candies:  Snickers, Reese's, Kit Kat, M&M's.

Save money next year by participating in National Costume Swap Day on October 8th (

Buy candy on Nov. 1st at 75% off.

• Len Penzo, 13 Yucky Halloween Treats Kids Would Rather Toss Than Eat.  Mints, Mystery Candy, Baby Ruth, Jaw Breakers, Life Savers, Nerds, Taffy, any candy with coconut, Halloween pencils, black licorice, pretzels, gum, old Easter candy.

• Len Penzo, 10 Unique Halloween Treats That Kids Love – But Rarely Get! Giant-sized candy bars, juice boxes, fruit roll-ups, Lick-a-Stix, marshmallows, money, candy apples, popcorn balls, goodie bags, erasers.

452 – The FREE Line In The Sand event is coming to the Rose Bowl, Saturday, November 11th, pre-register at

458-508 – Robert Epstein, (, is a research scientist and former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, author of 15 books including his latest Teen 2.0:  Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence (; other sites include:,,,  He's finishing his new book Finding the INNER ADULT in Your Teen: A Guide for Parents.  He's also the father of six.  Today we talk about the myth of adolescence and the myth of the defective teen brain.

My Summary – Epstein argues that if "teenagerhood" was a universal malady, it would be universally acknowledged much like toddlerhood – everywhere and always, a 2 year old has been a 2 year old.  But the very fact other cultures do not dismiss teenagers as morally or intellectually inferior mitigates against the claim of an inferior teenage brain that's bubbling in hormones.  In fact, over 100 cultures around the world don't have any adolescent trauma, and many don't even have a word for "teenager."  It's just not a reality to them.  If he's right, and I believe he is since the research proves it, then we need to totally rethink how we raise our kids.  This is a Kuhnian paradigm shift, a scientific revolution.  There is no such thing as "the teen brain," but there is ubiquitous acceptance of the "myth of adolescence."

512-523 – Robert Epstein,

• According to the most recent National Comorbidity Survey, 49.5% of all American teens are diagnosable with at least one behavioral, emotional, or substance abuse disorder.  And, they get worse as time goes on, i.e., 18-year-olds score worse than 13-year-olds.

528-539 – Robert Epstein

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628-639 – Calls – Where do you draw the line on PDP (public displays of praying)?  What's your reaction to tebowing, the spontaneous dropping to one knee to pray?  What's the psychology behind it?  When would it be inappropriate?  Is it only when you do something, in order to deflect the glory away from you and to God?  Or could someone else be the actor involved, and you tebow in thankfulness to God, e.g., your daughter scores a goal in soccer, your son passes a test, you get to host Thanksgiving, or your parents invite you on a cruise?  Are you ever thankful for trials and bad things happening?

• Blaze (10/31/2011) LIONS PLAYERS CELEBRATE BY MOCKING BRONCOS QB TIM TEBOW'S PRAYING. There's even a site dedicated to it

• RCP (10/31/2011) Limbaugh: Politico Story An "Unconscionable Racially Charged Attack".

• AP (10/31/2011) Reformed skinhead endures agony to remove tattoos.

644-654 – Calls –

(3:54) Cain- sex harassment full. (Herman Cain goes on Fox News with Jenna Lee on 10/31/2011 to deny sexual harassment charges.)

(:12) Cain- sex harassment short.

(:53) Mark Black- Cain ad (smoking.)

(1:36) Cain- smoking ad explanation. (Herman Cain goes on The Michael Berry Show (radio) on 10/25/2011.)