Monday, September 12, 2011

400-408 – Greg Laurie, pastor of both Harvest Riverside ( and Harvest Orange County, with an update on what happened at Saturday's Harvest Crusade in Dodger Stadium ( – 50,000 people attended, and 5,934 people made decisions for Jesus Christ!  Watch the replay at!

• Greg and Cathe have had two sons, Christopher (1975–2008 July 24) and Jonathan (1986), and they enjoy four grand-daughters: Stella (2006) and Lucy (2008) from Christopher & Brittany;  and Riley (2005) and Alexandra (2010) from Jonathan & Brittni.

413-423 – Shannon Sergey & Megan Wilmarth are with Forever Found ( in Simi Valley, an organization that funds those who rescue and restore the victims of human trafficking and child prostitution by supporting Christian aftercare homes.  They just got back from India and Ethiopia, where she witnessed families selling their children as slaves, and young girls reluctantly remaining in prostitution while they wait for a spot to open up in a safe house.

• Next Thursday night, September 22nd, at Wood Ranch Golf Club in Simi Valley, they're having their first annual benefit dinner with special guest speaker Francis Chan.  They hope to raise enough money to sponsor 100 children, and buy a vehicle so a man named Praveen in India can rescue 30 more slaves.

Every minute, 2 children are trafficked for sexual exploitation somewhere in the world.

200,000 American youths have been forced into the sex trafficking industry in the United States alone.

Human trafficking is a $32 billion criminal business, $28 billion is generated through commercial sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking is tied with illegal weapons sales for the second largest criminal industry in the world, behind drugs.

Human trafficking is the fasting growing illegal industry in the world.

428-438 – Shannon Sergey & Megan Wilmarth

443-452 – Shannon Sergey & Megan Wilmarth

458-508 – • Fox News (9/12/2011) SpongeBob in Hot Water From Study of 4-Year-Olds' Behavior.

• Dimitri A. Christakis (Pediatrics–Official Journal of the American Academy Pediatrics, 9/12/2011) The Effects of Fast-Paced Cartoons.

• Angeline S. Lillard, PhD, and Jennifer Peterson, BA (Pediatrics–Official Journal of the American Academy Pediatrics, 9/12/2011) The Immediate Impact of Different Types of Television on Young Children's Executive Function.

512-523 – Calls – 

528-542 – Calls – Have you seen any changes in the attention span of children that may be attributable to extended media exposure?

547-554 – Dr. David Cook, a sports psychologist by training, is the author and producer of Seven Days in Utopia (, talks about the incredible response to his movie which opened just last week.  Over 200,000 people since last week have chosen to "continue the journey."

558-608 – •• Arthur Laffer (WSJ, 9/12/2011) How to Fight Black Unemployment:  The tragedy of the failed stimulus is felt hard in minority communities. There's a better way.  Mr. Laffer, chairman of Laffer Associates, is co-author, with Stephen Moore, of "Return to Prosperity: How America Can Regain Its Economic Superpower Status" (Threshold, 2010).

[My Key Selections]  

Some people actually believe government can create jobs by taxing and borrowing from people with jobs and then giving that money to people without jobs. They call this demand stimulus. To make matters worse, other people think these demand-stimulus ideas warrant a serious response.

Government taxes cigarettes to stop people from smoking, not to get them to smoke. Government fines speeders so they won't speed, not to encourage them to drive faster. And yet contrary to common sense, it seems perfectly natural to some people that government would tax people who work or companies that are successful only to give that money to people who don't work and to bail out losing companies. The thought never crosses their minds that these policies are the very reason why our economy is in such bad shape.

// If the U.S. wants prosperity, government doesn't need to do something, it needs to undo much of what it already has done.

// While overall U.S. unemployment stands at 9.1%, black unemployment has jumped to 16.7%. Black teenage unemployment is bordering on 50%, and that figure doesn't even take into account "discouraged" workers, "involuntary" part-time workers and "underemployed" workers.

// A) For all employment within the enterprise zone of people whose principal residence is also the enterprise zone, there should be no payroll tax whatsoever, neither employer nor employee portions.

612-623 –

// B) Federal and state minimum wages must be suspended in the enterprise zone. If not for all employees, then at least for employees under 30. These young people need on-the-job training, and at the present minimum wage many of them aren't worth hiring. That is why they are unemployed.

Even for teenagers who are in school, a summer job is an enormous benefit for a future productive career. This summer and last summer only 30% of all teens worked—all-time lows. We need to break this vicious cycle right now by getting rid of the youth minimum wage in our enterprise zones.

C) In the enterprise zones the government should do an expedited review of all building codes, regulations, restrictions and requirements to make sure that they don't unjustifiably impede economic growth. For example, mandated union membership rules should be voided in enterprise zones as should all prevailing wage provisions and the like.

D) Profits generated by companies operating and employing people within the enterprise zone should only be taxed at one-third the regular tax rate. No matter how many fewer regulations a company faces, those companies still quite rightly respond to profits for their shareholders.

Businesses don't move their plant facilities as a matter of social conscience. They do it to make profits for their shareholders. If you want more jobs in our most depressed areas, make those areas more profitable for companies to relocate there. It's as simple as that.

I guarantee Mr. Obama that he will receive the support necessary to carry the day in Congress. And once he sees how this plan works for our most depressed areas of America, he can then extend enterprise zones to cover the whole country.

628-639 – Calls – Do you think these ideas would actually work to create jobs in these "enterprise zones"?

644-654 – Calls – Do you think these ideas would actually work to create jobs in these "enterprise zones"?

• Stanley Kurtz (NRO, 9/12/2011) Perry and the Ponzis: Until a half a minute ago, liberals called Social Security a Ponzi scheme, too.

• WSJ Editors (9/12/2011) Perry, Romney and Social Security: Neither candidate is helping the cause of reform.

• Peter Wehner (Commentary, 9/12/2011) Checks and Balances on the President.