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400-408 – Melissa Henson, both the Director of Communications and the Director of Public Education at the Parent's TV Council (, and today she presents the results from their latest study "Cartoons Are No Laughing Matter."

• Parents Television Council (8/16/2011) New PTC Study: Cartoons Are No Laughing Matter.  Sex, Drugs and Profanity on Primetime Animated Shows Kids Watch Most.

// PTC examined 123 episodes of animated programming that aired on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nick at Nite for the presence of sexual content, violence, drugs and explicit language between March 21, 2011 and April 14, 2011.

PTC research analysts documented 1,487 incidents of explicit language, drugs and sexual content during the four-week study period. On average, young viewers were exposed to adult content once every two minutes and 19 seconds. TV-PG rated animation featured sex, drugs or profanity every two minutes and 31 seconds. Adult Swim, which used to begin airing at 11:00 pm ET and now begins at 9:00 pm ET (8:00 pm CT), included some of the highest-rated animated shows among ages 12-17 and the highest levels of explicit content. 

// Major Findings:

Sex – (680 instances) surpassed every form of violence (674 instances) in animated primetime cable programming.  Sexual depictions included simulations or obscured scenes of sexual intercourse, pornography, masturbation, pedophilia and prostitution. 

Drugs – There were a total of 208 incidents relating to drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, psychedelics and alcohol. Eighty percent of the drug-related incidents were depictions rather than references.

Profanity – The study identified 565 incidents of explicit language on shows rated TV-PG and TV-14. Twenty-seven percent of the uses of "f**k" and "sh*t" occurred on TV-PG programs.

Content Ratings – Eighty-five percent of the TV-PG shows and 64% of the TV-14 shows containing sexual content did not have an "S" descriptor warning parents.  Cartoon Network failed to use the ratings system to warn parents about sexual situations (S), suggestive dialogue (D) and coarse or crude language (L) 100% of the time.

Advertisements – TV-PG and TV-14 shows included advertisements for adult media, including TV-MA DVDs, TV-MA shows, and R-rated movies.  All R-rated movies that aired during the study period were advertised during TV-PG programs.

(1:12) Cartoon trash 1. Worst of the worst reel from Parent's TV Council. Link is here.

(1:47) Cartoon trash 2. Worst of the worst reel from Parent's TV Council. Link is here.

413-423 – Melissa Henson,

428-438 – Calls – Did you guys know this was happening?

443-452 – Calls – Did you guys know this was happening?

458-508 – • Byron York (Townhall, 8/15/2011) Michele Bachmann and the Submissive Question.

// In a campaign appearance at the Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minn., on Oct. 15, 2006, Bachmann discussed the importance of God's calling at critical moments in her life. She told the audience how she met Marcus Bachmann, how she earned a law degree at Oral Roberts University, and how she returned to law school for a second degree, this one in tax law.

"My husband said, 'Now you need to go and get a postdoctorate degree in tax law,'" Bachmann told the audience. "Tax law? I hate taxes. Why should I go and do something like that? But the Lord said, 'Be submissive. Wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.' And so we moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia, and I went to William and Mary Law School there. ... Never had a tax course in my background, never had a desire for it, but by faith, I was going to be faithful to what I felt God was calling me to do through my husband."

// But Bachmann's statement -- in public, on stage, microphone in hand, in the context of a political campaign -- raised a legitimate question. What role does her husband play in her performance in public office? With that in mind, at the Fox News-Washington Examiner debate in Ames, Iowa, on Aug. 11, I asked Bachmann whether, as president, she would be submissive to her husband.

The question prompted boos in the Republican-filled hall, and then cheers when Bachmann answered. "What submission means to us," she said, "if that's what your question is, it means respect."

• (2:02) Candidate Michele Bachmann, October 15, 2006, Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, MN.

(:16) Candidate Michele Bachmann, short. "From there, my husband said, 'Now you need to go and get a postdoctorate degree in tax law.'  "Tax law? I hate taxes. Why should I go and do something like that? But the Lord said, 'Be submissive. Wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.'"

(1:18) Michele Bachman answers Byron York's question, "As President, would you be submissive to your husband?"  (Ames, Iowa, 8/11/2011).

(:31) Bachmann debate submissive short, ""What submission means to us, if that's what your question is, it means respect. I respect my husband.  He's a wonderful godly man, and a great father, and he respects me as his wife, that's how we operate our marriage.  We respect each other.  We love each other.  And I've been so grateful that we've been able to build a home together.  We have five wonderful children, and 23 foster children.  We built a business together, and a life together.  And I'm very proud of him.  [big applause]."

512-523 – Calls – So, what does it mean to be submissive? (Eph 5:22, Col 3:18).  Did Michele answer correctly, or was it a little too vague for you?

• The Greek word translated "submit" is hupotasso, from hupo = under, and tasso = arrange in orderly manner.  It appears 38 times in the New Testament.  It means literally to place under in an orderly fashion or to line up in order under.  Simply, it means to consent to an authority, to remain in one's place.

528-539 – Calls – 

• (7:39) Michele Bachmann with David Gregory on NBC's Meet the Press, 8/14/2011.

(1:38) Bachmann MTP 1- submission.

544-554 – Calls – Suppose a wife is a cardiologist, does God want her to "submit" to her husband when she's doing heart surgery?  How about "render under Caesar?"  Perhaps Michele could have said, "As a wife, I submit in my marriage to my husband.  As President, I submit to the people who elected me to uphold the Constitution.", About: "Meet Michele Bachmann"

// Michele is a graduate of Anoka High School and Winona State University. She received her J.D. at the O.W. Coburn School of Law at Oral Roberts University and an L.L.M. in Tax Law at the College of William and Mary. She has been married to Marcus for more than thirty years and they live in Stillwater where they own a small business mental health care practice that employs nearly 50 people. Michele and Marcus have five children, Lucas, Harrison, Elisa, Caroline, and Sophia. In addition, the Bachmann family has opened their home to 23 foster children, which has inspired Michele to become one of Congress' leading advocates for foster and adopted children, earning her bipartisan praise for her efforts.

558-608 – Calls –

(1:49) Bachmann MTP 2- God's lead.

(:32) Bachmann MTP 3- Atheist staff member?

(2:04) Bachmann MTP 4a- LGBT pt 1.

(1:31) Bachmann MTP 4b- LGBT pt 2.

(:09) Bachmann MTP 1 short. Respect/submission.

(:12) Bachmann MTP 2 short. Marriage Definition.

612-623 – Calls –

628-639 – Calls – Are Christians too soft on crime?  Too often siding with the perpetrators rather than the victim?  How should we view these rioters and muggers?  In our drive to be compassionate and understanding, we often overwhelm the reality that there is responsibility and consequences for our actions.

• AP (8/17/2011) London police charge 1,000th person in riots probe.  

• CBS (8/17/2011) NYPD Seeks Pack Of Thugs Who Beat, Rob Fordham Heights Man Of His Bible.

644-654 –

• The Sun (8/17/2011) Bride sees groom eaten by a shark: Brit killed on Seychelles honeymoon.

• WSJ Editorial (8/17/2011) Warren Buffett's Tax Dodge.  The billionaire volunteers the middle class for a tax increase.


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