Wednesday, February 2, 2011

400-408 – Bill Ingram, Associate Pastor of Journey of Faith Church in Manhattan Beach (, was in Egypt with 43 other members of the church when the revolution started over the weekend, and he shares the story of their Exodus home.  They got back to LA yesterday, everyone is safe.

413-423 – Bill Ingram

428-437 – Bill Ingram

443-452 – Here's the problem with what's going on in Egypt in a nutshell... when so-called "democracy" has occurred within Islamic countries, they have tended to truly vote just once, and they have tended to vote-in theocracies that promise to uphold strict Sharia Law – for this is what the self-appointed leaders of the people say the "people" want. 

And with these theocracies, come not only Sharia Law, but the worldview of radical Islam of which it is a part.  And with it, comes a general hatred of the West, and specifically, a hatred of both the United States and Israel.  The people blame the Great and Little Satans for their poverty and their plight, not the oppressive and stunting worldview of Islam. 

Think Iran, think Gaza, think Lebanon...and perhaps soon, think Egypt. 

And, our foreign policy has been deeply confused at times, as you would expect with different administrations over the years.  On the one hand, we say we support freedom and democracy.  On the other, we uphold dictators who keep the Islamists at bay but oppress their own people.

In pre-WMD days, we may have been able to patiently wait for the seeds of genuine democracy to sprout in the hostile soil of Islam, just as we have waited for the past several centuries, but no longer. 

Are we willing to passively let Egyptians democratically vote-in another Islamist government only to see Tehran 2.0 and another global launching pad for terrorism?  We'll see.

In the real world, we support "democracy and freedom" only to the extent that it doesn't pose a threat to our interests.  And this doesn't mean US imperialism, it means becoming a part of the global community.  But, Islam wants it's own global community – it's called a caliphate, and they rule it.

Islamic "democracy" does not mean, equality, liberty, freedom, First Amendment, civil rights, separation of mosque and state, and religious tolerance, not even "live and let live."  It means Islam.  It means Sharia Law.  It means jihad.  It means 911s or worse. It means the annihilation of Israel.  It means the Clash of Civilizations.

What do you do with a "free people" who chose to hate us?  We use to call them enemies and we would perhaps go to war when they provoked us.  Now, we're in a position where we know they hate us, and we're waiting for the war to come to our doorstep yet again.

The only long-term hope is, of course, the Gospel.  In the mean time, it's peace through strength.

458-508 – Vince Lombardi is perhaps the biggest name in football – the Superbowl trophy bears his name.  HBO did a special documentary on him in December (, and there's even a play about him on Broadway right now (LOMBARDI:  A New American Play on Broadway, based on the best-selling biography When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss).

Listen to these men share how Lombardi changed their lives by caring enough to ask the best of them.

(:30) 1 Lombardi (Lombardi's pre-game speech at Superbowl II in Miami, 1968.)

(:57) 2 Lombardi (Joe McPartland, part of the St. Cecilia Class of 1948, talks about his high school experience with Coach Lombardi back in Englewood, NJ.)

(:38) 3 Lombardi (HOF QB Bart Starr talks about his mentor and coach, Vince Lombardi.)

Bryan Bartlett "Bart" Starr (born January 9, 1934 in Montgomery, Alabama) is a former professional football player and coach.[1] Wearing #15, he was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers from 1956 to 1971 and the Most Valuable Player of the first two Super Bowls. He earned four Pro Bowl selections and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977.[1] The son of an Air Force NCO, Starr played high school football at Lanier High School in Montgomery, Alabama, where he earned a spot in the school's Hall of Fame. He played college football at Alabama, and was a 17th round pick (200th overall) in the 1956 NFL Draft. After his playing career, Starr was the head coach of the Packers for nine seasons (1975–1983), compiling a 52–76–3 record.

As Vince Lombardi's quarterback, Starr's Packers won five NFL Championships in seven seasons: 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, and 1967. Following the NFL championships in 1966 and 1967, he led the Packers to convincing victories over the champions of the rival AFL in the first two Super Bowls and was named the Most Valuable Player of both games. He is the only player to quarterback a team to five NFL championships.[2]

• (:20) 4 Lombardi (Packers' lineman Jerry Kramer talks about Coach Lombardi and how Lombardi taught about life.)

Gerald Louis "Jerry" Kramer (born January 23, 1936, in Jordan, Montana) is a former professional football player, author and sports commentator, best remembered for his 11-year NFL career with the Green Bay Packers as an offensive lineman. As a 6'3", 250 pound right guard, Kramer was an integral part of the famous "Packer Sweep", a signature play in which both guards rapidly pull out from their normal positions and lead block for the running back going around the end. Kramer was an All-Pro five times, and a member of the NFL's 50th anniversary team in 1969, but surprisingly, even after appearing on the list of finalists ten times since becoming eligible, has not been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was rated #1 in NFL Network's Top 10 list of players not in the Hall of Fame.

(1:06) 5 Lombardi (Jerry Kramer tells how Coach Lombardi motivated him.)

512-523 – Who was it in your life, that cared enough to ask the best of you?  Who was your Lombardi?

528-539 – Calls

544-554 – Calls

558-608 – Calls

612-623 – Calls

628-639 – Lila Rose, president of Live Action (


• Sandhya Somashekhar (Washington Post, 2/1/2011) Anti-abortion group releases Planned Parenthood sting video.

(9:08) PP full. (Two undercover investigators in Perth Amboy, NJ, entered a Planned Parenthood location and spoke with Clinic Manager Amy Woodruff back on 1/13/2011. Full footage here.)

(1:08) PP1 Lie about age.

(:43) PP2 Referral for under 14

(:18) PP3 "Students"

(:42) PP4 Alter the story

(:25) PP5 Business advice

644-656 – • Michelle Malkin (NRO 2/2/2011) A Christian Business in the Left's Crosshairs: It's Chick-Fil-A vs. the New York Times.


• Digital Journal (11/16/2010) Michigan schools are banning cupcakes?

• Washington Post (2/1/2011) Plastic pellet incident at Va. school ends in expulsion, assault charges.