Wednesday, January 26, 2011

400-408 – Your reaction to the preview of Joel and Victoria Osteen's interview with Piers Morgan that will air tonight on CNN?  How do you answer these questions?  How would Jesus address these questions?  Is it even meaningful to talk about "sin" without having a broader Christian worldview context that includes at least Creator, Fall, and Cross?  If you're not a sinner, you don't need a savior!  So what if some cult considers you in "sin" according to their weird beliefs?  The issue isn't your opinion, it's the Bible – what does the text say?  Remember, when sin and the Bible clash, either the sin will attempt to change the Bible, or the Holy Spirit will use the Bible to convict the sinner and lead him or her to reconciliation in Christ.  Those of you who have been involved with homosexuality, and are now Christians, what's your insight on this? 

(:50) Osteen 1.  "One of the moral mazes for any preacher I think, a Christian preacher in particular, is homosexuality."

(1:10) Osteen 2. "You don't normally talk about sin..."  Joel says, "I think I've grown in my knowledge.  I mean, those first interviews... I mean this was all new to me, I didn't go to seminary, I was raised in this but not in front of the camera..."

(1:13) Osteen 3. "Why are they sinners in your eyes?"

(:50) Osteen 4.  "You are judging the person, aren't you, aren't you?"

(:52) Osteen 5.  "An addiction to alcohol or drugs is one thing, but being gay, you're gay.  You don't choose to be gay."

(:07) Q1. "What is your view?  Because it seems to have changed depending upon the interview I've read or seen.  Is homosexuality a sin in your eyes?"

(:20) Q2. "I'm not so sure though, you see.  I think you are a kind of judge?  I think you can't abrogate that responsibility because of your influence.  Seven million, eight million viewers every Sunday.  When you say things like "Homosexuality is a sin," it's a big statement to make.  You are a judge.  And you're encouraging your congregation to believe that."

(:08) Q3.  "But I'm curious. What would you say to a homosexual watching this? How do they change?  What do they have to do to change to be better people?

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(1:57) Osteen on View 1. (Joel Osteen questioned about homosexuality on the ABC show, The View @ 11/4/2010.)  Osteen answers Whoopi, "I believe that homosexuality is not God's best."  Whoopi later asks, "Is it possible that God doesn't have a 'best'?"  Joy then says, "I hope God didn't make a mistake on that one though.  Saying, "we all make mistakes," God might have made a mistake then, according to what you're saying. He didn't do his best [inaudible] it's a conundrum."

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(2:14) Osteen on View 2. (Osteen questioned again about homosexuality on the View @ 11/16/2010.)  Barbara follows up.  Should a pastor who's "come out" leave the Christian church if he's gay?  Joy says, "It's not a choice, pastor... People are born this way... So the Christian church should embrace that notion.  You wouldn't reject someone who has a deformity?... When you say that the Bible is against homosexuality, people get bullied and bad things happen because of what people say about them."  Whoopi then says, "I have a question, because I really believe that God said very clearly 'no one else can judge you but me. If you have an issue, something's going on, you don't need to hear what anyone else says, come to me and I will forgive you. [applause].

(:14) Whoopi, "I really believe that God said very clearly 'no one else can judge you but me. If you have an issue, something's going on, you don't need to hear what anyone else says, come to me and I will forgive you. [applause]."

(:41) Osteen on LKL. (Osteen talks about marriage on Larry King Live @ 4/8/2009.)  Larry asks, "Should a gay couple be allowed to adopt?" Osteen says, "I like to shoot for God's best..."

558-608 – Mark Baker, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of La Vie Christian Counseling Centers (, KKLA Helpline (800) 801-5242) in Pasadena and Santa Monica, and author of the million-copy bestseller Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived.  Hear Mark teach on emotional and spiritual growth at

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• Fox News (1/26/2011) EXCLUSIVE: 'Skins' 'In Danger of Being Canceled,' Source Says.

MTV's controversial drama "Skins" is losing advertisers faster than some of its characters lose their clothes.

As FOX411 reported, Taco Bell was the first sponsor to withdraw advertising from "Skins," quickly followed by Wrigley, Subway, Foot Locker, L'Oreal and Shick. 

General Motors and H&R Block both issued statements explaining that their ads were aired during the premiere by mistake and would have no further association with the show.

Lacking a stable of advertisers to sponsor the show, "Skins" could reportedly lose MTV up to $2 million per episode.

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