Tuesday, October 19, 2010

400-408 – Joel Rosenberg ( former communications advisor to the once-former and now-current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and million-selling author of such page-turners as The Last Jihad, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, Dead Heat, Epicenter, and Inside The Revolution – is now out with his new book The 12th Imam.  And today we talk about why it's critical to understand who the 12th Imam is in order to understand the motivation behind the regime in Iran.

413-423 – Joel Rosenberg

428-437 – • Fox News (10/18/2010) Megachurch Birthplace of 'Hour of Power' Files for Bankruptcy in California. 

• Five Types of Church Government (aka Polity or Ecclesiology).  The Bible teaches that Christ is the Head of the Church, and that Elders (presbyteros) oversee the Deacons (diakonos) who minister to the congregation.  There have been five different applications of this in church history.

1) Senior Pastor Led (Sole Proprietor, e.g. Calvary Chapels)

2) Presbytery Led (Franchise Store – Individually-owned and operated, e.g., Bel Air Presbyterian)

3) Congregational Led (Employee Owned, e.g. Lake Ave Congregational Church)

4) Bishop Led (Corporate Store, e.g. In N Out, and Episcopal and Catholic churches )

5) The Plurality of Elders Led (Senior Partnership, many independent-Bible churches)

443-452 – How does the church avoid centering around the senior pastor?  Would you continue to attend your current church if your pastor left?  Are you committed to your local church or to your pastor's Bible teaching?  How should churches deal with succession?

458-508 – Calls

512-523 – Calls

528-539 – Wesley J. Smith, is both an attorney and a bioethicist, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and his Second Hand Smoke blog is available at First Things (  His latest is A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of Animal Rights.  Today we talk about several of the stories up on his blog.

• YouTube (7/21/2010) The Gruen Transfer - The Pitch - Compulsory Euthanasia.  Check out this contest to come up with a compulsory euthanasia commercial in Australia!

• Daily Mail (10/19/2010) Let the distraught partners of terminally ill who commit suicide die too, says Dignitas boss.

544-554 – Wesley J. Smith

558-608 – What crisis brought you to faith?

• Baptist Press (10/11/2010) 2 Chilean miners accept Christ while trapped underground.

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