Tuesday, October 12, 2010

400-408 – Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship (, host of Breakpoint ( heard weekdays at 4:55pm, and founder of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview (  Today we talk about the push for a million signatures at the Manhattan Declaration (, and now at 475,984).  The Manhattan Declaration was drafted by Chuck and Robert and Timothy George, and was initially signed by 125 Christian leaders, all affirming their commitment to the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and religious liberty – a clarion call to civil authorities that these Christian leaders will adhere to their convictions and will not – under any circumstance – abandon their Christian consciences.

413-423 – Chuck Colson

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443-452 – Chuck Colson

458-508 – 33 miners have been trapped half a mile (2300') underground for the past 68 days, since August 5, in The San Jose mine, located near Copiapo, Chile, about 400 miles north of Santiago.  They were unheard of for the first 17 days, and nearly all hope was lost.  But then they were found.  They shared one can of tuna for 17 days!  All 33 have survived to this point.  They are scheduled to begin coming out at 8pm Pacific one by one, in a 20 minute ride to the surface in the Phoenix 1 Capsule.  A rescuer will go down first, at about 6pm Pacific, and supervise the rescue.  Then a paramedic will go down and assess the injuries.  He will notify the medical team above who will be coming up next, in order to coordinate what resources need to be available.  The President of Chile selected the order of the first four miners to come out.  Floritsio Avalos, 31, will be the first one out.  The miners are vying among one another for the great honor of being the last one out.

• PBS (10/12/2010) Graphic: Chilean Miners' Trip to the Surface. 

• Fox News (10/12/2010) How the Phoenix Rescue Capsule Works.

• Baptist Press (10/11/2010) 2 Chilean miners accept Christ while trapped underground.

• Tim Padgett , TIME (10/11/2010) Chile's Mine Rescue: Both Media Circus and Religious Revival.

• Sean D. Hamill, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (10/12/2010) Saviors of Chilean miners come home.

• CNN (7/2/2009) Survivor still haunted by 1971 air crash.

508Stephen Christensen is the Founder and President of Faith and Work Life, a ministry dedicated to helping people understand work from God's perspective and then apply Biblical principles to work issues.  The 3rd Annual Faith at Work International Conference is coming to Concordia this Saturday October 16, from 8a – 3p.  It's a one day conference with 6 nationally renowned speakers sharing from their experience practical ways to integrate your faith and work.  Cost is $30.00 per person general admission, and $50.00 per person reserved seating, both include breakfast and lunch.  Register online at (

512-523 – The greatest rescue of all time was Jesus' rescuing fallen humanity, he lost his life in the effort, but through his death we are granted eternal life in Heaven with Him in glory.  What's your rescue story?  Ever been trapped?  Maybe underground, in a car, in a room, under rubble, etc.?  Ever been lost and then found?  Parents, ever lose your kids? 

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554 – Robert Micone & Bill O'Connor "The Money Guys" from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, that's 866-733-5268 (

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• Kathryn Jean Lopez, NRO (10/11/2010) Religion, Politics, and Other Unmentionables: Author Peter Wehner talks with NRO.

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• WSJ (10/12/2010) The 2010 Spending Record: In two years, a 21.4% increase.

• Carla Rivera, Los Angeles Times (10/11/2010) California spent nearly half a billion on college freshmen who later dropped out, study finds.  The state spent about $466 million — more than any other state — on students at public colleges who did not return for their sophomore year.