Wednesday, September 29, 2010

400-408 – Tom Graffeo, one of the "Money Guys" at Applied Financial Planning, and Jim Kirk-Johnson, former LA County Sheriff, and Director of Operations for Strong Tower Ministries (, are here to talk about the big ministry fair and outreach next Saturday, October 9th from 10:00am to 4:00pm, at the Wild Rivers Water Park in Irvine.  Come get the water park, great worship from headlining Christian artists, and meet some of the various ministries that Strong Tower helps.  And for you runners, there's a benefit 5K Run- Walk that starts at 8:00am.

• If you'd like to sponsor a child who's perhaps never been to a waterpark, you can do so by buying their $25.00 ticket.  To help, call 949-689-9681 or visit

413-423 – DJ Schultz, Administrator of Door of Faith Orphanage ( in La Mission, Baja, Mexico, where Strong Tower has just built a 6,000 s.f. nursery.  The orphanage is the primary food distribution hub for Strong Tower in Northern Baja that supplies over 40 orphanages, schools, and churches from the Tijuana border to Ensenada on a daily basis.

428-437 – Isabelle Monje, grew up in a Bolivian orphanage, but through some extraordinary circumstances, has come to the place where she and her husband are leaving "comfortable" Orange County to launch a children't day care center in Rosarita through their ministry Transformation Mundial (

443-452 – Tom Graffeo and Jim Kirk-Johnson.

458-508 – Mike Broyles, pastor of Grace Baptist Church (, talks about the Returning Hearts program at Pitchess Detention Center here in LA, the first and only non-prison facility in America to host the program that started at Angola State Prison in Louisiana in 2004 and has since expanded to 35 prisons across America.  The Returning Hearts Celebration (link) is a day-long carnival-like event for inmates and their children, and last weekend was the third event at Pitchess. 

Deputy Sheriff David Bates oversees the 200-man MERIT Program (Maximizing Education Reaching Individual Transformation).

Fred Fels, coordinator of the 250 volunteers who put on the Returning Hearts Celebration.

Pitchess Chaplain Joe Feinstein.

• USA Today (6/18/2010) Prison dads learn meaning of 'father'.  More than 1.7 million children in the USA have a parent in US prisons, and they are three times as likely to end up in prison themselves.  Returning Hearts wants to break that cycle.

Video of the Awana Lifeline Returning Hearts Celebration (9/19/2009), Avoyelles Correctional Center, Cottonport, La.

• KHTS (8/23/2010) 400 Inmates Involved In Pitchess Riot Sunday.

512-523 – Returning Hearts

528-539 – Returning Hearts

544-554 – Returning Hearts

(1:32) AWANA Lifeline Program

558-608 – Returning Hearts

612-625 – Returning Hearts 

628-639 – Paul Karpf, Founder and CEO of Financial Recovery USA (, 800-385-0745), just one of eight companies in America certified by the Attorney General's office as a foreclosure specialist.  As a special offer to my audience:  if you call between now and 10pm tonight, Paul will make sure a counselor comes to your home to sit down with you to talk about a debt consolidation or load modification.

644-656 – Todd & Diane Brooks, the Home Loan Specialist of Three Reasons Financial at 877-900-TODD.