Tuesday, September 21, 2010

400-408 – Margaret Thatcher (2/5/1976) (paraphrase from actual comments), "The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

• Eons (9/16/2010) Jim Wallis Again Calls Evil Good and Good Evil.

(:37) Wallis 1. (Jim Wallis on The Bill Press Radio Show @ 9/16/2010).  Press asks about liberation theology.  "Well Glenn Beck is a Mormon, which should not be an issue in this country.  But, he doesn't understand Christian theology very well, and he should learn more about it.  In Jesus' first opening mission statement, really, in Nazareth, he said, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor, proclaim release to the captives, and set at liberty those who are oppressed."  That sounds like a message of liberation.  So Jesus, was a liberation theologian and practitioner too.  So, Glenn needs to just read his Bible and brush up a bit on what the Gospel says."

(:09) Wallis short.  "So Jesus, was a liberation theologian and practitioner too.  So, Glenn needs to just read his Bible and brush up a bit on what the Gospel says."

[Here's the NKJV Luke 4:18-19 (quoting Isaiah 61:1-2) – "The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me, To preach the gospel to the poor;  He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD."]

(:48) Wallis 2.  Press asks, "What is liberation theology all about?"  Wallis answers, "Well, you know, justice is essential to biblical faith.  It's at the core of the Gospel.  It's never just about personal salvation but also about social justice.  Our faith is for the sake of the world. The Bible makes that clear.  God is not just a God of charity, which is very important, but He's a God of justice.  And so, Glenn is afraid of the justice part of it, and we need, you know, it's good to have a good conversation together about what the Gospel means.  So it's about changing lives, yes. But also changing neighborhoods and nations in the world that's what the Kingdom of God was supposed to be about and still is."

(:45) Wallis 3.  Press asks about counting up verses on the poor.  "We found in seminary two-thousand verses in the Bible, and one of my colleagues took a pair of scissors to an old Bible and began to cut them out one by one.  And when he was done, our Bible was full of holes, it was in shreds, it was falling apart.  And I used to take it out to preach.  I'd say, "This is the American bible, it's full of holes."  So, Glenn wants to sort of make big holes in the Bible again.  I think that's the wrong direction.  It's going backwards now."

413-423 – (:47) B&W Q5c. (Chris Wallace interviews Glenn Beck on Fox News Sunday after his 8/28 event @ 8/29/2010. Beck talks about collective salvation.) "I'm a Mormon, and most Christians don't recognize me as a Christian, so who am I to say?  I'm not judging.  I'm saying, most Christians would look at collective salvation, which is my salvation, my redemption, is incumbent on what the collective does.  So, I can't be saved unless the collective is saved.  Well, that is a direct opposite of what the Gospel talks about.  Jesus came for personal salvation.  It's like people say, you know, you just accept Jesus and you're saved.  That's not what my church teaches.  You are, but then you've also got to get in there and plug, you've got to change your heart as well.  Okay, that's what I happen to believe. What does the president believe?"

(:39) B&W Q5d. (Beck talks about Obama's specific quotes on collective salvation.) "Four different speeches since he's been president, and mainly students, that your salvation is directly tied to the collective salvation.  That's not something that most Christians recognize.  I'm not demonizing it.  I disagree with it.  The Pope has said, he's actually demonized it, people aren't recognizing his version of Christianity just like, and 48% of the African American community doesn't recognize it either by the way, they didn't recognize it with Jeremiah Wright they don't recognize it now."

(:15) Obama CS 1. (Obama speaks on collective salvation @ 7/1995.)  "And recognizing that my fate remained tied up with a, their fates.  That a, a, that my individual salvation, ugh, is not going, ugh, to come about, ugh, without a collective salvation for the country."

(:09) Obama CS 2. (May 2008.) "It's because you have an obligation to yourself.  Because our individual salvation depends upon collective salvation."

428-437 – Calls

443-452 – To emphasize the social justice aspect of the Gospel over personal salvation is the root of what was called "the Social Gospel" a century ago and now goes by the name "social justice" or "liberation theology."  The captives were not released politically or economically under the Romans, they were released spiritually in Christ – just as the poor even today are blessed in the midst of their poverty if they live from the power of Christ's kingdom.  When the church out-lives the world by demonstrating biblical principles we become a "blessing to all nations" that surround us – this is the fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant, something the nation of Israel failed to complete, but Christ will complete through the church and its demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel.

458-508 – This raises the question, "How does the Gospel bless the poor?  How is it 'Good News' for them?"  How do we help the poor?  What has been the most effective strategy to lift people out of poverty?  How do you create wealth individually, communally, regionally, nationally?  Is it capitalism or socialism?  Is it secularism or Christianity?  Is it state-to-state charity or micro-loans to individuals?  Do socialists understand that you must first create the wealth that they want to redistribute?  Would you prefer to have none poor and none rich, or some poor and some rich?

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544-554 – • NYT (9/20/2010) Recession May Be Over, but Joblessness Remains.  It ended in June of 2009, 15 months ago, didn't you get the memo? How has the recession affected your marriage, your family, your relationships, your community?  Your spiritual life?  How has God met you and your family in this difficult time?  What's your "recession-spiritual story?"

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• LAT (9/21/2010) Bell officials arrested as prosecutors are set to file criminal charges [Updated].

• LAT (9/16/2010) State attorney general probes more high salaries across California.

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• Daily Bulletin (9/20/2010) Concern raised over Bible class enrollment.

• LAT (9/21/2010) Lawyer testifies he switched L.A. Dodgers ownership document.

644-656 – • The Hill (9/21/2010) Senate deals blow to 'Don't ask, don't tell' repeal in 56-43 vote.

• Rich Lowry, NRO (9/21/2010) Enough: The tea party seeks to stop the seemingly inevitable growth of the welfare state.

• AP (9/21/2010) Republicans block bill to lift military gay ban.