Monday, July 26, 2010

400-408 James DeYoung, has been New Testament Language and Literature professor at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon for the past 34 years, and author of Burning Down 'The Shack':  How the 'Christian' Bestseller is Deceiving Millions (  James was both a long-time colleague and a neighbor of Paul Young, author of the 7-million copies sold The Shack, and today he exposes it's "universal reconciliation" message – expressed in this quote from The Shack, "mercy triumphs over justice because of love," a misquote of James 2:13 that says, "For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy.  Mercy triumphs over judgment."  "Universal reconciliation" is the heresy that Jesus' loving nature renders him incapable of eternally damning people – emphasizing one divine attribute to the exclusion of others, always a red flag.  There is no mention of Satan or hell in The Shack, and in Young's emphasis of "relationship over truth," the truth suffers in many ways:  The main character, Mack, meets with the Trinity in the shack, two women and a man:  God the Father is a large black woman, Jesus is rightly a middle Easterner, and the Holy Spirit is an Asian woman.  All three bear the scars of Calvary on their hands.  (Just to name a few.)

413-423(Burning Down the House) James DeYoung

428-437JP Jones, is pastor of Crossline Community Church ( in Laguna Hills, and his "Truth That Changes Lives" program can be heard weeknights at 10:30pm and Sunday mornings at 10:30am right here on KKLA.  Today, JP shares his testimony and how he got called to the pulpit.

443-452 JP Jones

458-508 Wesley J. Smith, is both an attorney and a bioethicist, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and his Second Hand Smoke blog is available at First Things (  His latest is A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of Animal Rights.  Today we talk about several of the stories up on his blog.

• Fox News (715/10) Billboard Campaign Puts Controversial Right-to-Die Group in the Spotlight.

512-523Wesley J. Smith

528-538 Jack Dean, Vice President of the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility (, has been very busy lately with the expose of the Bell salaries and the attention it places on the out-of-control government pension funds in California.

• California Pension Reform, 9,111 retired California government workers receive pensions in excess of $100,000 from CalPERS.

• California Pension Reform, 3,090 retired teachers and administrators receive pensions in excess of $100,000 from CalSTRS.

• Jane Jameson, American Thinker (4/10/2010) California's Half-Trillion-Dollar Pension Fund Mess: Blame Jerry Brown.

544-554 Jack Dean,

558-608Don Nava, is a Life Fitness Coach with 30 years of experience in coaching, mentoring and counseling thousands of executives in business, sports and ministry through his organization The Totally Fit Life ( His book is entitled Fit After 40: 3 Keys to Looking Good and Feeling Great.

• YouTube (6/12/2010) Nava Grand Slam.

• Fox Sports (6/13/2010) Nava and his family never gave up hope.  Don and Becky Nava talk about Daniel hitting a grand-slam in his first major league at bat on June 12 for the Red Sox.

• Mike Petraglia (7/23/2010) Nave Makes The Right Statement.

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — There isn't a more enthusiastic or likable figure in the Red Sox organization than Daniel Nava.

The 27-year-old switch-hitter has already made a lasting impact on Red Sox Nation with his bases-loaded homer off Philadelphia's Joe Blanton on June 12, becoming just the second big leaguer in recorded history to hit the first pitch in the big leagues for a grand slam.

612-623 Don Nava

628-638Don Nava

644-652What to do about out of control pension plans?

• Examiner (7/23/2010) Christian parents indicted for neglect regarding faith-healing debacle. Calls: Should parents who neglect to take their kids to traditional doctors while instead relying on faith healers be held liable for neglect?