Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pastors and church leaders:  you're invited to the KKLA 25th Anniversary Pastor Appreciation Luncheon at Azusa Pacific University on Thursday May 20th (two weeks from tomorrow) our featured speaker this year is Pastor Raul Ries and it's free!   Register right now at  And, act quickly, because we already have 900 people signed up, and there's only 50 spots still left for those who want to go on the free VIP Dead Sea Scrolls Tours!

400-408Is there such a thing as a "false religion?"  If religion A is true, that means religion B is false – unless you have some whacky religion that says "all religions are true, even those that are false", which is irrational.  Why would someone believe in a religion that they also believed was false?  Why would anyone believe willingly in a false religion?

(1:09) FG #1, Franklin Graham with Campbell Brown on CNN yesterday (5/4/2010), explains why the decision to rescind his invitation is a "slap to Christians."

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428-437Is it a "slap in the face" to evangelicals for him to have been disinvited and the White House do nothing?

• USA Today (5/5/2010) Franklin Graham wants Obama to step in on Prayer Day slight. 

• USA Today (5/4/2010) Does God only heed Christian prayers? Are yours wasted? Of course God hears non-Christian prayers – that's how we all become Christians.  Don't make God "religious!"  Jesus died for the world, not the church!

• USA Today (5/5/2010) Poll: 83% say God answers prayers, 57% favor National Prayer Day.

443-452Ron Prentice, Executive Director of the California Family Council (, and a marriage and family counselor.  Today we talk about the "intersection of faith and reason," and Ron tells us a ruling will be issued on the Prop 8 federal case on June 16 at 10am in San Francisco.

458-508 Scott Rae, Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics at Talbot School of Theology (, and author of 6 books including his latest The Virtues of Capitalism (his Business as Transformational Service is coming out later this year).   Scott was one of my profs at Talbot back in the mid '90's, with expertise in both medical and business ethics, and he's an ethics consultant for four Southern California hospitals.  Today we talk about a Christian defense of free markets and capitalism.

• FYI – Tomorrow night in Mayers Auditorium at Biola, is the Special Book Release Event for The Virtues of Capitalism, it's free and from 7:30pm-9:30pm.  For more details, visit

512-523 Scott Rae

528-538Bob Waliszewski, Director of Focus on the Family's Plugged In Department at, that provides up-to-date reviews of the hottest new movies, music, television, DVDs and video games impacting our kids.

• FYI – Next Thursday, May 13th, The Celebrate Family Tour is coming to the Hilton in Costa Mesa.  We'll be doing our show live down there, and I've got the privilege of being the emcee for the evening.  It's also your chance to meet Jim Daly and watch a taping of a Focus on the Family broadcast!  It's free, parking is $5, and the doors open at 6:30pm.  Register at

544-554 Bob Waliszewski

558-608Dr. Jason Lisle is with Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis (, he's the designer of their Creation Museum in Cincinnati, he has a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Colorado, and his latest book is The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving The Origins Debate.  Today we talk about creationist cosmology.  He argues that: 1)the standard sequence of star development is due not to age but to mass, 2) that planetary magnetic fields are some of the best evidence for a young universe, 3) and that starlight poses the greatest challenge to creationist cosmology, but that there are possible rebuttals.  The larger theme is to be aware of the secular lens through which most of us do observational science, and question those non-biblical presuppositions.

612-623Dr. Jason Lisle

628-638Dr. Jason Lisle

644-652Dr. Jason Lisle