Monday, May 3, 2010

Pastors and church leaders:  you're invited to the KKLA 25th Anniversary Pastor Appreciation Luncheon at Azusa Pacific University on Thursday May 20th (two weeks from this Thursday) our featured speaker this year is Pastor Raul Ries and it's free!   Register right now at  And, act quickly, because the first 480 pastors to sign up will also get a free VIP preview tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls Tour!

400-408 Dr. James Dobson, launched his new program, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson ( today on 600 outlets across the country, and here in Los Angeles at 10:00am on KKLA!  His daily co-hosts will be Luanne Crane and his son Ryan Dobson.  Today, we talk about the brand new show and his book Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women, it's already #4 on New York Times Bestseller!  Call Capitol Hill right now and tell your representative to support the NDOP (202) 224-3121.

(1:53) Family Talk Intro.

413-423 Dr. James Dobson

428-437John Blandford, Regional Director for GMO ( the Internet arm of Campus Crusade, the organization behind the website, where you will see people in real time who have just recently come to Christ, or who have just indicated they'd like more information, from literally all over the world.  About 2 million people a day are "looking for God" on the internet (Googling terms such as "God," "Jesus," "prayer," "heaven", "hell," etc).  When they do so, about 10% of them are directed to over a hundred different evangelistic websites in the top 12 languages in the world, where they read or hear the Gospel via the 4 Spiritual Laws and are given an opportunity to pray to receive Christ.  Should they choose to do so, they then have the opportunity to request follow-up, which is where GMO comes in with their "online missionaries."  Right now, they're doing about 400,000 Gospel presentations every day, with over 50,000 people making decisions.  This means, GMO is on track to see 15 million decisions in the next 12 months.  To get more information on how you and your church can get involved, contact John at or call their office at (310) 370-2627.

443-452 John Blandford

458-508 "Fuz" Rana, VP of Research at Reasons to Believe (, has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Ohio University with an emphasis in Bio Chemistry.  Don't forget to sign up for Today's New Reason to Believe email.  Today, Fuz explains "irreducible complexity," and says there's two things to bring up with your science teacher to begin to expose the flaws in evolution:  the Cambrian Explosion 540 mya, and the problems with the now-debunked Miller-Urey abiogenesis experiment back in 1953 that still appears in textbooks as legitimate.

512-523"Fuz" Rana

528-538 Dave Dravecky, was a major league pitcher for 8 years with the Padres and the Giants, but lost his career to cancer after the 1989 season, and then lost his arm – literally – to cancer when on June 18, 1991 his left arm was amputated.  Today, he and his wife Jan run a ministry called Endurance ( that serves those suffering from divorce, depression, loss, be it relational or financial, and especially ministers to those fighting cancer and dealing with amputation.  If you contact them through the website, they'll send you an Encouragement Basket with three items:  An Encouragement Bible, their book When You Can't Come Back, and the devotional, Do Not Lose Heart.  Three other excellent resources they recommend are:  Philip Yancey's two books Where is God When It Hurts?, and Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?, and Jerry Sittser's Grace Disguised.  Dave's written several books including Comeback, then When You Can't Come Back, followed by Called Up: Stories of Life and Faith from the Great Game of Baseball.  Today, Dave gives us some advice on how best to serve those going through dark times. 

544-554 Dave Dravecky

558-608Dave Dravecky

612-623 Dave Dravecky

628-638Dr. James Dobson [Reprise]

644-652Dr. James Dobson [Reprise]

• AOL News (4/25/2010) Dobson's Successor Gives Mega-Ministry New Focus.

• Huffington Post (4/29/2010) Jim Daly, Focus On The Family President, Questions The Gains Made By Confrontational Evangelicals.

(1:44) Preacher arrested. (Peter Wooding broadcasting from England @ 5/2/2010)

(3:54) May Day Protests. (Alan Wang and Lisa Amin Gulezian ABC 7 News, San Francisco @ 5/1/2010)

The Christian Institute (5/2/2010) Cops arrest preacher over Christian beliefs.

NewsBusters (5/2/2010) Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters Attacked at 'Most Peaceful' May Day Rally.

New York Times (5/3/2010) Church Counsels Women Addicted to Pornography.