Friday, April 23, 2010

400-408Bob Cornuke, the "Christian Indiana Jones," is President of BASE –the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute ( in Colorado Springs.  He's a former police investigator, a CSI in Costa Mesa and SWAT team member who's been on many adventures looking for biblical artifacts – from the Ark of the Covenant, to Noah's Ark, to the actual location of Mt. Sinai in Arabia.  He's got a Ph.D. in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University – and he's even featured on a Trivial Pursuit card!  Today we talk about the location of Noah's Ark and the so-called "sightings" of the ark on Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey.  His latest book is The Lost Ship Wreck of Paul.

413-423Bob Cornuke

428-437 Pastor Grace Wabuke, the Director of Faith Foundation at Faith Community Church ( She is joined by a student, Sarah Quindiagan, who shares her testimony.  Each year the Faith Foundation awards scholarships to outstanding students pursuing higher education, and since it's inception, they've awarded more than a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships.  It takes generous support from people and businesses like you to make this possible!  Their 9th Annual Faith Foundation Golf Tournament will be held this coming Monday, April 26th, at South Hills Country Club in West Covina.  There will be golf, food and fellowship.  For more information, visit

443-452Mike Fabarez, senior pastor of Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo (, heard Sunday mornings here on KKLA at 9:30 with Focal Point, and all next week, you'll be able to hear Mike Monday-Friday at 10am right here on KKLA.

458-508 Britt Merrick, ( pastor of Reality Church in Carpinteria ( – a multi-campus church called The Reality Network of about 3,000 people, and author of Big God: What Happens When We Trust Him (  Their other locations are:  Los Angeles, Stockton, Ventura, London and San Francisco.  Britt was supposed to have taken over the family business, Channel Island Surfboards, from his father, Surfer Hall of Famer Al Merrick, but God called Britt into ministry instead.  Today Britt shares about his 5-year-old daughter Daisy-Love's fight with Stage-3 cancer that began last September.  To pray for Daisy, go to, and check out her classmate Dylan who did a "sympathy shave" on his head for her, and check out the sermon that Britt gave just 4 days after Daisy's diagnosis.  Britt and Kate also have a son, Isaiah, age 9.

512-523Britt Merrick

528-538 Bob Tyler, lead attorney with Advocates for Faith and Freedom (, (888) 588-6888), joins us in studio for an update on the Prop 8 federal case, and other cases they're involved with.  And, we've got some guests in studio who bid and won, a visit here to the studio then dinner with us afterwards.

544-554Bob Tyler, Paul & Eileen Rosenow, Trinity Reprographics,, (562) 567-2050.

558-608The "Thousands or Billions" Debate between Drs. Hugh Ross & Jason Lisle.  

Hugh Ross is the founder and president of Reasons to Believe (, and is both an astrophysicist (Ph.D., University of Vancouver) and a pastor, the author of over a dozen books, including his latest, Why The Universe Is The Way It Is.

Jason Lisle is with Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis (, and he's the designer of their Creation Museum in Cincinnati, his Ph.D. in astrophysics is from the University of Colorado, and his latest book is The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving The Origins Debate.

My intro, "You're both Christians, you both love the Lord, you both revere the Bible as God's inerrant Word, you're both hostile to naturalism and evolution, and you're both trained in astrophysics – yet you both differ on cosmology and the age of the Earth.  The purpose of our time today is to talk about those differences.  Today, I hope to hear your best arguments in defense of your position, your strongest arguments against the other position, and then each of your rebuttals to those arguments.  Here's a question to get us started...When you look through a telescope, do you see a canopy of stars that is thousands or billions of years old and why?  I also want to talk about what you think is at stake in this debate, as well as the Hebrew word "yom" that we translate "day," dinosaurs, extent of the flood, the appearance of age and the "deception" arguments, etc.

612-623Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Jason Lisle

628-638Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Jason Lisle

644-652Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Jason Lisle

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