Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today, you have the opportunity to buy perhaps the most meaningful Christmas gift you've ever given anyone!  You know that old proverb "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"?  How about giving a Third World family 2,000 little fish fingerlings to start their own fish farm for only $45?  Or 20 little chicks to start their own chicken farm for only $30 so they can have fresh eggs in the morning?  Or buy them a goat for $40, or a cow for $480?  How about a male and female of each so they can start their own herds for $1,040?  Or maybe you'd like to dig the family a hand-dug well for $300, or provide an entire village with a machine-dug well for $3,000?  Or, build a school for $7,500!  You can do all that and more, today, here on the Frank Pastore show as we partner with World Concern.  To make your gift, call (866) 723-6449 or give online at  Joining us from World Concern is David Harms.
$30 = 20 chicks (add a coop and vet care for another $45, for a total gift of $75)
$40 = 1 Goat (add a pen and vet care for another $45, for a total gift of $85)
$45 = 2,000 fish fingerlings (add a vegetable garden for another $40, for a total gift of $85)
$50 sends a child to school for a year (give them a school uniform for another $30, for a total gift of $80)
$100 immunizes 400 children (add de-worming of 100 children for total gift of $144)
$300 = a hand-dug well (add a latrine for $60, for a total gift of $360)
$480 = 1 Cow (vaccinate the cow for an additional $20, for a total gift of $500)
$3,000 = a machine-dug well for an entire village (the Kenyan government multiplies your gift 5X, to $15,000!)
$7,500 = builds a school for an entire village! 

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