Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coming to you live from the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, site of the Birth Choice Annual Gala.  Birth Choice is one of the most effective pro-life crisis pregnancy clinics in America, with now five locations in Southern California (Mission Viejo, Placentia, Irvine, Santa Ana, Long Beach), and tonight is their big fund-raising dinner.  We're honored to be here and to be a part of it!  Their website is, 888-714-3939.
330-338Kathleen Eaton, founder-CEO of Birth Choice Health Clinics (, 888-714-3939).  What happened since last year's gala? Tell me about some of the women you've seen this year.

343-354 Kathleen Eaton & Jennifer Irving, clinic director at both the Irvine and Mission Viejo clinics of Birth Choice, shares a story about a 15-year-old mother-to-be we'll call Amy.

(Proud of Ford) TH 315 – [2:00] Don Rohde (818) 262-2092.  For the past 37 years, Don has been a sales manager at Galpin, the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 19 consecutive years.  Galpin has been family-owned and operated for the past 59 years, and 90% of their business is repeat or referral.  Galpin offers Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Honda, Mazda, Saturn, Volvo, Jaguar, and Aston Martin.  Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at Roscoe and the 405.
358-408 Kathleen Eaton & Alicia, who was initially abortion minded, but chose to have her baby, and is now living in Toby's House in Mission Viejo.  And, today is the baby Reagan's first birthday!

413-423Kathleen Eaton & Cheri Liefeld, Chief Operating Officer for Birth Choice, who runs the Restore Ministry for Birth Choice –  the post-abortion support groups.

428-437Kathleen Eaton & Lisa, a Birth Choice client who came in very abortion minded.  Both she and the father wanted the abortion for the unplanned pregnancy.  He had said to her, "Why don't we just go get an abortion tomorrow?" She answered, "I can't because tomorrow is Mother's Day.  I can't do that on Mother's Day."  The very next day, she found the number and called Birth Choice.  They provided her with some birth choices and options, including counseling, pregnancy testing, ultrasound and prenatal care.  After hearing her baby's heart beat for the first time, she said she left the clinic a totally different person!  Lisa is very grateful for Birth Choice, as she was abortion minded at first, but now very encouraged by the support she's receiving.  [Married]

443-452 Matthew Cork, lead pastor at Yorba Linda Friends Church (, is partnering with Birth Choice to purchase and sustain the first Mobile Unit in Orange Country – not just for Birth Choice, but for any organization!  Way to go Yorba Linda Friends!  BTW, before they buy the RV, is there anyone listening who knows of someone who wants to donate their paid off RV to Birth Choice?

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• Ann Coulter (11/4/09) Election 2009: Change I Can Believe In!
• John Boehner (11/5/09) Speaker Pelosi's Government-Run Health Plan Will Require a Monthly Abortion Premium. 

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