Friday, October 30, 2009

• Here's a neat ministry!  And if you know of another one, let me know at!  An Orange Country hair salon will be doing makeovers for ladies who can't afford the luxury of getting their hair and nails done on Monday as part of their partnership with Lighthouse Ministries at Mariner's Church to minister to the young families living in the "Mini Street" apartments.  The Cody Rose Hair Salon in Irvine ( will be treating the ladies on Monday, Nov. 2nd from 10 to 1pm, and they'd also appreciate any of your donations of clothes, toys, children's games, children's furniture, etc.  For more info, visit their website or call them at 949.261.1966.  BTW, my daughter does hair and Cody Rose J! 
• As we approach Halloween this Saturday, if you're looking for a safe alternative to take your kids to, we've got a bunch of "Harvest Festivals" listed on our community calendar at  One of the best is at Faith Community Church ( in West Covina at the corner of Vincent and Badillo, they'll draw over 10,000 people on Halloween from 4-8pm.
330-338Russell Moore ( Dean of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville (, and preaching pastor at Highview Baptist Church (, is the author of The Kingdom of Christ: The New Evangelical Perspective and his latest Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches. 

343-354 Russell Moore

358-408 Jill Martin-Rische, daughter of the original Bible Answer Man Walter Martin, is Executive Director of Walter Martin Ministries (, and a trained apologist in her own right.  She and her late father, along with co-author Kurt Van Gorden, are the authors of The Kingdom of the Occult (also available in Spanish).  Jill shares that much of what is "common knowledge" about the origins of Halloween is simply false.  For example, there is no written record of its roots in the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain (pronounced so-hen).  Yet, the earliest written record of All Saints Day dates back to about 740AD.  The point being, Halloween is not some ancient pagan holiday that the Christians took over, it is a Christian holiday that the pagans have attempted to take over.  It is the day in church history in which we are to hallow our departed saints, as role models of the Christian life.  Ironically, our "Harvest Festival" alternatives have far more in common with pagan celebrations than All Hallows Eve. 

413-423Jill Martin-Rische

424(3:00) Eric Wedell is with Energy Plus and they want to install solar panels on your home or business.  Wouldn't it be great to one day have the electric company pay you for your electricity?   Eric has been an expert in the solar energy field since the 1980s.  Call them at (877) 715-8050 or visit them on the web at
428-437Jill Martin-Rische

443-452 Jill Martin-Rische

458-508Dallas Willard, Professor of Philosophy at USC, and the person who has had the biggest impact on my spiritual life through his books and tapes, especially his The Divine Conspiracy, his latest book is Knowing Christ Today: Why We Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge (

512-523Dallas Willard

528-538Dallas Willard
544-554Dallas Willard
558-608Jill Martin-Rische (Reprise)
612-623Jill Martin-Rische (Reprise)
628-638Jill Martin-Rische (Reprise)
644-700Jill Martin-Rische (Reprise)
• Elizabeth MacDonald (10/30/09) Health Reform Cheat Sheet.
• NRO Editors (10/30/09) The Inevitable Debacle.
(1:15) Halloween Capitalist (CNN W 10/30/09) Business reporter for CNN Christine Romans talks about how Halloween is the most capitalist of all holidays.  I guess the point is, don't go to Democratic neighborhoods!

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