Friday, August 14, 2009

330-338John Collins, Executive Director of the Harvest Crusades (, celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, kicking off here at Angel Stadium in Anaheim this weekend.  Since 1990 more than 3.8 million people have attended a Harvest Crusade event in person, and more than 300,000 have registered their decisions of faith in Jesus Christ – 80% of them were brought by a Christian friend.  This year's artists:  Third Day, Reliant K, Skillet, The Katinas, and Chris Tomlin.  Gates open at 5:30. 
343-354 John Collins. 
358-408What's your Harvest Crusade story I?
413-423What's your Harvest Crusade story II?
428-437What's your Harvest Crusade story III?
(:59) Garrett & Gibbs #1, Major Garrett and Robert Gibbs on Thursday.
(:20) Garrett & Gibbs #2
(:40) Garrett & Gibbs #3
[R] • Michelle Malkin (8/14/09) The Etiquette Czar's Rules for Patriotic Protest.
458-508John Collins (Reprise)
512-523John Collins (Reprise)
528-538What's your Harvest Crusade story II?
544-554Greg Laurie, pastor of the 15,000-member Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside (, his A New Beginning can be heard weekdays here on KKLA at 10:30am, is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Harvest Crusades this weekend here at Angel Stadium in Anaheim (, with this year's artists:  Third Day, Reliant K, Skillet, The Katinas, and Chris Tomlin.
558-608Steve Wilburn, youth pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship, head of "G3" (Gideon's 300) Street Evangelism Tactical Training joined by a student leader, Amber Estrada, 18.
612-625Amber Estrada, 18.
628-638John Collins (Reprise)
644-700John Collins (Reprise)
• Fox News (8/14/09) Black Man Pleads Guilty to Posing as Obama-Hating White Supremacist on Facebook.
NEW ORLEANS    An African-American man from Mississippi admits posing as a white supremacist to send a death threat across state lines by Facebook.  The U.S. Attorney's Office says 20-year-old Dyron L. Hart of Poplarville pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to making a threat in November 2008.  Hart admitted creating a name and using a white supremacists' photo to pose as a white man who planned to kill blacks because Barack Obama had been elected president.  He originally was charged with threatening three black students at Nicholls State — where he had attended one semester — but pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count.  He sent the threats from a computer in Poplarville.  The maximum sentence is five years in prison and a $250,000 fine; sentencing is Nov. 18.
• John Cochrane (8/13/09) What to Do About Pre-existing Conditions: Most Americans worry about health coverage if they lose their job and get sick. There is a market solution. Mr. Cochrane is professor of finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and author of "Health Status Insurance" (Cato, 2009).
Key senators are excluding a provision on end-of-life care from health overhaul legislation after language in a House bill caused a furor.  Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement Thursday that the provision had been dropped from consideration because it could be misinterpreted or implemented incorrectly.  A health care bill passed by three House committees allows Medicare to reimburse doctors for voluntary counseling sessions about end-of-life decisions. But critics have claimed the provision could lead to death panels and euthanasia for seniors.  The Senate Finance Committee is still working to complete a bill.
 [R] • Charles Krauthammer (8/14/09) The "Preventive Care" Myth.
• John Hood (8/14/09) Speaking of Myth-Busting.

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