Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today we're partnering with Gospel for Asia (, to rebuild the homes, churches, and lives of believers in Orissa, India, who experienced horrible persecution last August when anti-Christian fanatics murdered 500 believers, destroyed over 1,000 homes, and forced 50,000 Christians to flee for their lives.  The new government has stepped in to stop much of the worst persecution, and these dear Christians – many of whom watched as their loved ones were massacred – want to go back home and demonstrate the love and forgiveness they have for their persecutors.  And revival has been breaking out!  Ten years ago, just 2% of the population was Christian, and today it's 28%!  So God is moving in Orissa.  And, as we know, with revival comes persecution.  Now, these believers want to go back home, but they have no home, no farm, or no church and that's where you come in.
Each two-room brick house is $2,500, and if 20 of you give $125, or 10 of you give $250, we'll build them one more house.
To help, call (888) 670-67-62 or give online at
Build a house for $2,500 and receive a $3,500 KKLA Marketing Package that you can use for your business or gift it to your church or favorite charity.
Joining us in studio is John Beers with Gospel For Asia USA.  Their program, "Road to Reality", air Sunday's here on KKLA at 1pm.

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