Friday, July 17, 2009

"Our friends Steve Arterburn and John Townsend are going to be filming a TV pilot for a new show this coming Monday, July 20th, at 5:15pm at Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa.  The show will be a kind of a Christian Dr. Phil.  If you want to be part of the studio audience for this taping, call 1-800-NEW-LIFE, that's 1-800-NEW-LIFE right now!"
400-408Ben Shapiro, nationally-syndicated columnist (
(:38) PO, "We will reform healthcare this year."
(:52) Nancy Pelosi, Re healthcare reform, "…We certainly have the support of the American people."
• Michelle Malkin (7/17/09) Inside the Monstrous Obamacare Bureaucracy.
• David Harsanyi (7/17/09) Pay Up! Utopia Ain't Free, Ya Know.
413-423Troy Vest, VP of Marketing and Artist Services for Provident Label Group (, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, which owns The Praise Baby Collection ( that introduces kids 0-3 to widely-recognized praise songs with fun interactive video.  The Praise Baby Collection combines the most popular and recognized Praise and Worship songs in churches today with colorful animation and real world objects designed to actively engage a baby's spirit and mind, stimulating early learning in the areas of tactile, cognitive, social, emotional and most importantly spiritual development.  The most recent Praise Baby release is Sleepytime Lullabies.  Other releases include Born to Worship, God of Wonders and My Father's World.
428-437Robert Marcarelli, producer and director of Facing Extinction: Christians Of Iraq (, it can be purchased through the website.  Robert has extensive experience in TV and film:  he's directed over 300 national commercials for companies like McDonald's, Blue Cross, and Pepsi, and his 12 long-form feature films have been distributed worldwide in over seventy countries.  His previous documentary, Not For Sale (, exposed the horrors of human trafficking. 
About "Facing Extinction: Christians Of Iraq"
As the world watched Saddam Hussein's statue being torn down in Baghdad on April 9, 2003, the reign of a bloodthirsty dictator came to an end.  One of the most heart wrenching chapters in the story of the liberation of Iraq is the tale of the people who probably cheered the loudest on that glorious day in April.  And they are the same people who today find their very existence threatened.  Iraqi Christians, once a robust community is now persecuted, threatened with violence and on the run.
The majority of Iraq's Christians have had to flee their historical homeland. Nearly half of the Christians who lived in Iraq in 2003 are now living abroad as refugees.  Most of those who have stayed behind are displaced, targeted for acts of brutality and discrimination because they are neither Muslim nor Kurds and because many of them at one time worked with Coalition forces.  Given the inability or disinclination of Coalition forces to protect the Iraqi Christians and the political disarray of the Iraqi government, it is most likely that Iraq's ancient Christian community will be extinct within one generation—a population of Christians who can trace their heritage back for two thousand years.
Rejected by U.S. immigration policies and caught in a maze of United Nations red tape, most of the refugees wait for years in Muslim countries such as Lebanon, Jordan or Syria—places where they are hardly more welcome than they are in Iraq.  Professionals, educators and skilled craftsmen, they all tell horrifying tales of how either they or their family members have been kidnapped, tortured and even murdered at the hands of Islamic extremists.  The human suffering of these Iraqi martyrs is staggering.
This documentary chronicles the untold story of the "forgotten" Iraqis, who have been hunted and persecuted because of their faith and because they agreed to help Coalition forces bring order in the early days of the liberation.  This is a tale of grinding bureaucracy and swift decisive life-saving action; horrendous evil and remarkable goodness; mean-spirited acts of cowardice and noble deeds of heroism.  It is story that desperately needs to be told, for there is a world that needs to learn about this grave injustice and there is action that must be taken if a people are to be saved from extinction.
443-452Robert Marcarelli,
458-508 – • Fox News (7/16/09) Louisiana Infant Found Dead in Crib With 100 Small Animal Bites.  What varmints have you seen in your room?
528-538 – • MSNBC (7/17/09) Sorry I burgled your house, alleged thief says: New Jersey police arrest 35-year-old after he returns to victim's home.  What happened when you went back to apologize?  Any of you go back to do the right thing, maybe years afterwards?
558-608Should tips be anonymous or do you want recognition for your tip?  The most interesting or generous tip you've ever received?  How much do you tip?  Do you undertip and overtip, or is it always the same?  Have you ever tipped in advance for better service?
628-638 – • Fox News (7/17/09) 'Child Bride' Says Sex With Pastor Began at Age 9.  Ever been in a cult?
657-700 –
• Charles Krauthammer (7/17/09) The Moon We Forgot.

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