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400-452 – We replay the wonderful Carrie Prejean hour from Wednesday.
458-508Dudley Rutherford, senior pastor of the 10,000-member Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch (, who's heard on KKLA Sunday's at 9:00am, weighs in on the California Supreme Court decision – actually, their refusal to hear the case – defending Christian schools and the Hate Crimes Bill that passed the House Wednesday.
            From the story (my emphasis added).
            The high court's decision not to review a case out of Riverside County lets stand a lower court's ruling that the California Lutheran High School is not a business enterprise and, therefore, not subject to the state's 50-year-old Unruh Civil Rights Act. 
            The California Lutheran High School, a private religious institution in Wildomar, about 70 miles north of San Diego, and its principal, the Rev. Gregory Bork, were sued by the mother of a juvenile plaintiff identified only as Jane Doe and the father of a minor named only as Mary Roe. The two girls were expelled from the school on suspicion they were engaging in homosexual activity, which was expressly forbidden under the school's "Christian Conduct" code.
            The school didn't file a brief with the Supreme Court, but the Association of Faith-Based Organizations which represents 830 private religious schools in California -- filed a document asking the high court to go beyond the Unruh Civil Rights Act and decide the case under the First Amendment.
            "Under the religious autonomy doctrine of the First Amendment, religious institutions enjoy a certain level of independence and freedom from government interference when it comes to matters of religion," association lawyer Isaac Fong, of Springfield, Va., wrote. "To apply the Unruh act to second guess the admission and discipline decisions of private religious schools threatens to impermissibly intrude into their religious autonomy."
            The Supreme Court chose not to take the case by a 6-1 vote. Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar favored granting review.
            Neither attorneys for the plaintiffs nor for the Association of Faith-Based Organizations responded to calls for comment late Wednesday. But San Diego lawyer John McKay, who represented the school, was relieved that the high court denied review.
            "I think the appellate court case was well drafted, narrow in its issues and narrow in its approach to the actual relief sought by the school," the McKay, Graham & de Lorimier partner said.
            "What the court is saying is what the trial court found," he added, "that the issues raised by the plaintiffs were in essence not proper [and] that the school does have a right to provide an education to children within the religious beliefs that they subscribe to."
• FRC Washington Update (4/30/09) Facts - What Homosexuals Hate
            As much damage as this administration did in 99 days, Congress packed plenty of punch into its 100th day as the House helped the President check "hate crimes" legislation off the wish list. By a 249-175 vote, the liberal leadership delivered on its promise to create special protections for people based on their sexual behavior, gender identity, or disabilities.
            In addition to whom the bill would protect, it also adjusts where the victims are eligible for protection. In its current form, H.R. 1913 would overturn a prior rule that the victim of a hate crime had to be attacked while they were "engaged in a federally protected activity." Under the new language, Washington can intervene in just about any local or state crime. Because the bill doesn't define the term "sexual orientation," some fear that pedophiles and practitioners of other bizarre sexual fetishes would try to claim protection under it. Democrats refused to amend the bill to explicitly exclude such "orientations." If convicted, any American found guilty of a hate crime would face punishment above and beyond the original offense.
            Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) tried to point out the ridiculousness of this caste system on the House floor yesterday. To the disgust of the homosexual crowd, she even took on the bill's "martyr," Matthew Shepard, whom the Left holds up as an example of why federal hate crimes legislation is necessary. "The hate crimes bill that's called the Matthew Shepard Bill is named after a very unfortunate incident that happened where a young man was killed, but we now know that that young man was killed in the commitment of a robbery. It wasn't because he was gay..."
            Rep. Foxx was referring to statements made to ABC's 20/20 by the local authorities, who investigated the crime and stated that Shepard's death was actually the result of his drug use--not his homosexuality.
            Since yesterday, Foxx has been publicly skewered for her comments, largely by homosexuals who want desperately to bury the truth about that crime so that Shepard's story can be used to galvanize support for their push to silence dissent from their agenda. The Left certainly has a right to their "feelings" but they don't have a right to their own "facts".
            Foxx and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), deserve credit for their opposition to H.R. 1913 during yesterday's debate. To see how your representative voted, click here. Also, stop by to sign our petition and to watch FRC's video on where this type of legislation will lead, "Censoring the Church and Silencing Christians."
512-523Dudley Rutherford, senior pastor of the 10,000-member Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch (, who's heard on KKLA Sunday's at 9:00am, weighs in on the California Supreme Court decision defending Christian schools and the Hate Crimes Bill that passed the House Wednesday.  BTW, Shepherd will be hosting the National Day of Prayer beginning at 7:00am, with breakfast and the tickets are $12.00.
528-538Frank Wright, president of the National Religious Broadcasters (, reacts to the House passing the Hate Crimes Bill.  And, he weighs in on the Performance Tax.  To register your opposition, go right now to
, or just click the banner at the top of
, to send a letter to President Obama, Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and your congressman.  As of today, the effort to stop the Performance Tax, known as the Local Radio Freedom Act has 181 of the 218 necessary co-sponsors in the House.
            The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has published 30 such sexual orientations that, because of Congress's refusal to define "sexual orientation," will be protected under this legislation. These 30 orientations are listed in the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), which is used by physicians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists throughout the U.S. It is considered the dictionary of mental disorders. Those 30 sexual orientations include behaviors that are felonies or misdemeanors in most states.
544-554Frank Wright.
            The Pew Poll asked, "Is it wrong or right for Notre Dame to invite Obama?"
            Total US:  48% Right, 25% Wrong, 27% Don't Know, (48% have heard about it)
            Catholics:  50% Right, 28% Wrong, 22% Don't Know, (52% have heard about it)
            White, non-Hispanic weekly attenders:  37% Right, 45% Wrong, 18% DK (68% have heard about it).
            White Evangelicals:  33% Right, 39% Wrong, 28% Don't Know, (51% have heard about it)
            Black Protestants:  74% Right, 7% Wrong, 19% Don't Know, (43% have heard about it).
558-608Wesley J. Smith, (
) bioethicist and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute (
), and author of The Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World.
.  In November, a law will be enacted to allow an embryo to be stored for 55 years.  The HFEA has already ruled in favour of 'savior siblings' – babies created by IVF and screened as embryos to be a tissue match for an existing child with a serious condition.
612-623Wesley J. Smith
            A 10-year-old schoolgirl suffered 70% burns after a 16-minute session at an unmanned tanning studio, it has been revealed.  The child's mother is now demanding that all unmanned salons are shut down as a matter of urgency.
            Kelly Thompson was taken to hospital a few hours after leaving the tanning shop in Port Talbot, South Wales.  Medics at the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery, where she was treated, were horrified at her condition.
            Had she remained on the sunbed for another two minutes, they said she would have needed skin grafts.  Kelly has now been warned to keep out of direct sunlight for up to 10 years. 
            Over about the next three hours she became really red and was feeling cold, although she was burning up.
            Her mother, Sharon Hannaford, 34, said the incident happened during the Easter school holidays.  "I gave Kelly some money to go to the fair with her cousin but when they got there, it was closed," she said.  "As they came back, they saw the tanning salon and went in, more out of curiosity than anything."  Mrs. Hannaford said Kelly spent £8 ($3.63) feeding the unmanned sunbed.
            'No-one under 18 should use sunbeds'
            "When she came home, she laid down and didn't feel too good and I noticed that she was a bit red in the face.  "Over about the next three hours she became really red and was feeling cold, although she was burning up. In the end I had to take her to hospital."
            The story emerged on the day the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued new safety guidelines governing sunbeds.  The HSE is advising that nobody under the age of 18 should use such tanning facilities at all.  It also wants all tanning salons to be supervised by trained staff - even if a salon is all coin-operated.
644-652 – • Breitbart (5/1/09) Legendary Vegas entertainer Gans dead at 52
• TIME (4/17/2000) Danny Gans
            OCCUPATION: Las Vegas impressionist, comedian and singer
            GOAL: To be a multimedia star while affirming "my Christian values"
            QUOTE: "I'd love to have the career that Sammy Davis had"
            Man shoves an officer so he can go to jail with his brother.  Possible questions for audience (just brainstorming- I'm not sure which one is best): what's the craziest thing you've ever done to help a sibling or a friend?  What's your best sibling story either from when you were little or when you were adults?  What did you fight over? What's your favorite memory with your sibling?  What's the best trick you used to play on your sibling- or on your parents with your sibling?  Would you go to jail just to be near and help your sibling out?
            May Day in Berlin has been marred by "anticapitalist" violence for more than two decades now. Given the current financial crisis, tomorrow's protests could set a sad new record.
            "We explicitly want social unrest and will do everything to make sure it happens," is how the organizers of the "Revolutionary May 1 Demonstration" put it to the Spiegel Online. More than 20 protests are planned in Germany's capital under such mottos as "Capitalism Is Crisis and War -- For the Social Revolution" and "Burn, Capitalism, Burn." This is not just a figure of speech -- more than 70 cars, mainly up-market models, have already been torched in Berlin since January.
            Why complain about the financial crisis? By liberalism's standards, it has been a swift sword of economic justice, working to equalize wealth more rapidly than any policy short of summary execution of the rich.
            Why settle for raising tax rates on capital gains from 15 percent to 20 percent, when capital gains can be eliminated entirely? Why trifle with the tax treatment of compensation at hedge funds, when funds themselves can disappear into oblivion? Why increase the estate tax, when people's fortunes can be reduced by half in a matter of months — without the inconvenience of waiting for anyone to die?
            America experienced a financial decapitation in 2008. We saw $11 trillion in wealth disappear, an astonishing 18 percent. The destroyed wealth equals the combined annual output of Germany, Japan, and the U.K., according to the Wall Street Journal. And there's nothing to soak the rich quite like a financial meltdown.
            It may shock these self-declared antifascists to learn that it was Hitler who introduced the first of May as a public holiday in Germany. What started as a movement to advance workers' rights was quickly usurped by both the Nazis and the Soviet Union. A return of fascism or communism in Europe as a result of the financial crisis is unlikely. But it would be unfortunate enough if the fear of social unrest were to lead to wrong-headed policies that will only prolong this crisis.
People are understandably scared by the rapid economic collapse. But the failed policies of the past of expanding the welfare system, raising taxes and more government intervention won't create jobs.
• NRO Editors (5/1/09) Obama Declares War on Capital
            Obama's first 100 days have occasioned a number of dispiriting moments, but yesterday's attack on Chrysler's bondholders represented a new low. In a speech announcing the company's bankruptcy filing, President Obama blasted "a group of investment firms and hedge funds [that] decided to hold out for the prospect of an unjustified taxpayer-funded bailout." That is nothing short of a lie. The consortium wasn't holding out for a bailout. It was holding out for a bankruptcy.
            The administration tried desperately to keep Chrysler out of bankruptcy court; in the process, it demonstrated exactly why that institution is so valuable. Obama's auto task force attempted to browbeat Chrysler's creditors into taking a terrible deal in order to spare the United Auto Workers union as much pain as possible. The large banks, which owe their continued existence to the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), caved and agreed to take a massive haircut on their secured Chrysler debt. But a group of smaller firms, calling themselves "The Committee of Chrysler Non-TARP lenders," refused to play ball.
            In a statement released yesterday, the firms pointed out that they would be shirking their fiduciary duty to their investors if they did not hold out for the best possible deal. For them, the best deal is bankruptcy. In bankruptcy court, secured debtholders take priority over other creditors. The administration's plan called for secured lenders to get in line behind the UAW.
• WSJ Political Diary (5/1/09) Quote of the Day II
            "In the Chrysler deal, the [United Auto Workers] were unsecured creditors and the Chrysler bondholders were secured creditors. The bondholders received 28% of the value of their $6.9 billion in bonds in cash; the Union will receive stock worth approximately $4.2 billion, and a note for an additional $4.58 billion, which represents 82% of the value of their claim. Either the government negotiators have dyslexia and have made a terrible mistake in their paperwork, or this is political payoff writ large. Is this not the equivalent of financial waterboarding? And thus we enter a brazen new era of government, when the White House is openly complicit in the theft of, as a matter of fact is directing, the looting of private property from investors. Welcome to the Rule of Man, or as the President calls it, change we can believe in!" -- blogger and aircraft financier Dave Cribbin, of TailWind Capital Group.

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