Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today we're curing poor children in Africa, Asia and the Americas of life-threatening parasites that cause malnutrition, disease, blindness and even death, for just 44¢ per child!  Each year, 4 million children die from parasite-related diseases – and we have the cure through the ministry of World Concern!  For just 44¢ per child we can cure them of parasites and care for them for a whole year by giving them medicine and Vitamin A. (866) 742-54-42.
In 2007, World Concern was able to treat more than 5.6 million children in 22 countries ($57.7 M), but this year, with your help, they hope to cure and care for 100 million children! 
Watch the video right now at to see how you can help.
• Your one time gift of $132 – or 3 monthly gifts of $44 – will cure and care for 100 children infected with parasites in the first month, then help dig clean-water wells in the second month, and in the third month, will provide sanitation and latrines to prevent them from getting future infections.
$44 cures and cares for 100 children for one month.
• $132 cures and cares for 100 children for three months – that's just $1.47 a day for the next 90 days!
$528 (400 children) gets four passes to Knott's Berry Farm (the first 4 per hour!)
$1,056 (800 children) gets an evening at Alpenhorn Bed and Breakfast in Big Bear (the first 2 per hour!)
$2,112 (1,600 children) gets a $3,500 KKLA Advertising Package.
Call (866) 742-54-42 to provide a sick child with The 44¢ Cure thru World Concern!
David Harms joins us from World Concern (  To give, call (866) 742-54-42.
• 40% of the world's children are infected with parasites.  Almost 7 million children die each year from diseases indirectly related to worms:  lower respiratory infections, diarrhea, and malaria.
• Parasites enter the body through bare feet, dirty water and unclean food, and result in parasite-related malnutrition, blindness, stunted growth, anemia, cognitive delays, skin disease, and eventually death.
• Just two annual doses of medicine and Vitamin A can kill the parasites and prevent blindness.  Children at risk of blindness have actually had their failing sight restored by this essential vitamin, which is also critical for a well-functioning immune system.  Lacking Vitamin A, children are more likely to die of infectious diseases such as measles, diarrhea and malaria.
• Worms deplete the body of Vitamin A, and most children in poverty don't eat enough leafy vegetables, fruits and meats rich in Vitamin A. 
• Night blindness is an early sign of Vitamin A deficiency.  In ancient Egypt, it was known that night blindness could be cured by eating liver, later found to be a rich Vitamin A.   Deficiency contributes to blindness by making the cornea very dry and damaging the retina and cornea.
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