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400-408Vern Poythress has been teaching New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia since 1976, has six advanced degrees, including a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Harvard and a Th.D. in New Testament from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, and he's the author of eight books, including God-Centered Biblical Interpretation, The Returning King: A Guide To The Book of Revelation, Redeeming Science: A God-Centered Approach, Symphonic Theology, and Understanding Dispensationalists (  He and Diane have been married since 1983, and have two adult children, Ransom and Justin.  He explains "symphonic theology," and lays out his amillennial eschatological view.
413-423Vern Poythress
Regarding the three millennial views, Poythress has said, "Where the millennial views disagree, only one can ultimately be right. But I believe that all three major positions have some insights. Premillennialists typically emphasize the fervent hope that we should have for the return of Christ. Amillennialists typically emphasize the reign of Christ now (Ephesians 1:21). Postmillennialists typically emphasize that we should be optimistic about the power of the gospel to bring people to Christ and transform their lives. As more and more people come to know him, the effects of the transformation spread to society as well."
428-437Bishop Kenneth Ulmer is senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church (, and President of The King's College and Seminary (, and he shares his journey of faith and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.
443-452Bishop Kenneth Ulmer
458-508Carole Joy Seid ( has been speaking nationally on home-schooling for the past 20 years, helping parents learn how they can help their children resist the influence of secular media and fall in love with reading good books – since "a bad book is a big thief."  She helps us learn how to spot a good book, and has tips for selecting the right books for children of all ages.  How would you like to hear, "One more chapter, Mommy, please?"  She'll be at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills on January 10th (9-5, Saturday)  For a suggested book list check out:  Books Children Love by Elizabeth Wilson (Crossway)., and Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt (Zondervan).
512-523Carole Joy Seid
528-538Carole Joy Seid
544-554Carole Joy Seid
558-608Carole Joy Seid
612-623Helen Mendes is president of Mendes Consultation Services, which she founded back in 1976, and she helps people deal with stress – all kinds of stress, family, marital, and work relationships, etc.  Her book is entitled God's Stress Management Plan – Ten Biblical Principles for Avoiding, Reducing or Better Managing Stress (  She gives us some tips on minimizing stress during the Holidays.
628-638 – Albert from Noble Jewelers with a special Christmas offer of an additional 20% off for KKLA
644-655 Bishop Kenneth Ulmer is senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church (, and President of The King's College and Seminary (  His latest book is The Champion in You.
• Thomas Sowell (12/17/08) Postponing Reality.
• Todd J. Zywicki (12/16/08) Bankruptcy Is the Perfect Remedy for Detroit: Washington hates the idea because it would lose leverage.  Mr. Zywicki is a professor of law at George Mason University School of Law.
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