Wednesday, October 15, 2008

400-408 – • Fox Business (10/15/08) Dow Dives 733; Worst Loss Since 1987.  Down 7.87% to 8577.  Recession?  We lost another trillion dollars today.
• Dick Morris (10/15/08) ACORN Becoming an Embarrassment for Obama.
• Obama Dodges Connection to ACORN
(:42) BO 4-1, "I represented ACORN… to help Illinois implement the motor-voter law… that was and is my relationship to ACORN.  There is an ACORN organization in Chicago, they've been active, as an elected official I've had interaction with them, but they're not advising our campaign.  We've got the best voter registration, turnout, and volunteer operation in politics right now and we don't need ACORN's help."
(:46) BO 4-2, Obama blames the workers ACORN hired not ACORN itself, says it was a fraud perpetrated against ACORN.  This isn't a situation where people are going to try and vote because these are phony names.  It's doubtful Tony Romo is going to show up in Ohio to vote.  This is another one of those distractions that gets stirred up in the course of an election."
(:09) BO 4-3, "What I want to make sure of though is that this is not used as an excuse for the kind of voter suppression strategy and tactics that we've seen in the past."
413-423• (:12) Obama Admits His Economic Plan is to "Spread the Wealth Around."  Plumber:  "Your tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it?"  Obama: "It's not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you that they got a chance at success too. I think when we spread the wealth around, that's good for everybody."  Or as Karl Marx said, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."
(:26) Neil Cavuto talks to the plumber today.
• Matt Bai NYT (10/19/08) Working for the Working-Class Vote.
"I am convinced that if there were no Fox News, I might be two or three points higher in the polls," Obama told me. "If I were watching Fox News, I wouldn't vote for me, right? Because the way I'm portrayed 24/7 is as a freak! I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that?
"I guess the point I'm making," he went on, "is that there is an entire industry now, an entire apparatus, designed to perpetuate this cultural schism, and it's powerful. People want to know that you're fighting for them, that you get them. And I actually think I do. But you know, if people are just seeing me in sound bites, they're not going to discover that. That's why I say that some of that may have to happen after the election, when they get to know you."
428-437Mark Steyn, (, the most widely-read columnist in the English-speaking world and author of one of my all time most important books, now in paperback, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, on tonight's presidential debate and the "not guilty" verdict handed down on Friday by the BC Human Rights Tribunal to MacLean's magazine that ran an excerpt of Mark's America Alone.
• Rob Breckenridge, Calgary Herald (10/14/08) Jury's out on system's dedication to secular values.
(1:58) A mad McCain supporter from last week at a Wisconsin rally.
443-452Mark Steyn, on his three court cases and how they fit in to the threat from radical Islam.
458-508Why are you voting for John McCain?  What does he need to do tonight to mount a bottom-of-the-ninth come back?  Will we hear about Wright, Ayers, and Rezko?  Obama's "running out the clock" but he can still lose this if McCain reminds voters that Obama's wrong on:  life (he's even for infanticide), marriage (he opposes Prop 8 and DOMA), the Courts & the Constitution, Taxes & The Economy, War & Foreign Policy, judging the character of his mentors:  the racist Jeremiah Wright, the terrorist William Ayers, and the convicted felon Tony Rezko.  Just imagine what the Left will do if they control all three branches of government with a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.
512-523Why are you voting for John McCain?
(1:33) SP8-1, Mike Gallagher caught up with Palin this morning in her New Hampshire motorcade, sirens & all, and she previews what's ahead in tonight's debate.
• Fox News (10/15/08) Conservatives Say McCain Should Slam Obama for His Relationship With Wright.  John McCain, trailing in national and most swing-state polls, is being urged by conservatives to attack Barack Obama over his relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in Wednesday night's final presidential debate.
528-539 Why are you voting for John McCain?
544-554Why are you voting for John McCain?
558-608 – • Dennis Prager (10/14/08) There Are Two Irreconcilable Americas.
612-623Reprise of yesterday's 4:15 monologue on why Yes on 8 is critical.
628-639 – • The Circulating Email often entitled "Here are the facts about Proposition 8."  It reads as follows:
Fiction: Teaching children about same-sex marriage will happen here unless we pass Prop 8.

Fact: Not one word in Prop 8 mentions education and no child can be forced, against the will of their parents, to be taught anything about health and family issues at school. California law prohibits it, and the Yes on 8 campaign knows they are lying. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley has already ruled that this claim by Prop 8 proponents is "false and misleading."
Fiction: Churches could lose their tax-exemption status.

Fact: Nothing in Prop 8 would force churches to do anything. In fact, the court decision regarding marriage specifically says "no religion will be required to change its religious policies or practices with regard to same-sex couples, and no religious officiant will be required to solemnize a marriage in contravention of his or her religious beliefs."
Fiction: Four Activist Judges in San Francisco…

Fact: Prop 8 is not about courts and judges; it's about eliminating a fundamental right. Judges didn't grant the right, the constitution guarantees the right. Proponents of Prop 8 use an outdated and stale argument that judges aren't supposed to protect rights and freedoms. This campaign is about whether Californians, right now, in 2008 are willing to amend the constitution for the sole purpose of eliminating a fundamental right for one group of citizens.
Fiction: People can be sued over personal beliefs.

Fact: California's laws already prohibit discrimination against anyone based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. This has nothing to do with marriage.
Fiction: Pepperdine University supports the Yes on 8 campaign.

Fact: The University has publicly disassociated itself from Professor Richard Peterson of Pepperdine University, who is featured in the ad, and has asked to not be identified in the Yes on 8 advertisements.
Fiction: Unless Prop 8 passes, CA parents won't have the right to object to what their children are taught in school.

Fact: California law clearly gives parents and guardians broad authority to remove their children from any health instruction if it conflicts with their religious beliefs or moral convictions.
Regardless of how you feel about the issue, we should not eliminate fundamental rights for ANY Californians. Please vote NO on Prop 8.
• David Blankenhorn (9/19/08) Protecting marriage to protect children: Marriage as a human institution is constantly evolving. But in all societies, marriage shapes the rights and obligations of parenthood.  Blankenhorn is president of the New York-based Institute for American Values and the author of "The Future of Marriage."
644-655(6:15) Anderson Cooper at CNN on 10/6/08 exposes Obama's lies about William Ayers with correspondent Drew Griffin.  Stanley Kurtz is interviewed.  (
• NYT (9/11/01), No Regrets for a Love Of Explosives; In a Memoir of Sorts, a War Protester Talks of Life With the Weathermen.  William Ayers says ''I don't regret setting bombs…I feel we didn't do enough.''  Mr. Ayers, who in 1970 was said to have summed up the Weatherman philosophy as: ''Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at,'' is today distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  And he says he doesn't actually remember suggesting that rich people be killed or that people kill their parents, but ''it's been quoted so many times I'm beginning to think I did,'' he said. ''It was a joke about the distribution of wealth.''