Tuesday, September 30, 2008

400-408Miles McPherson, ( former San Diego Charger and now pastor of The Rock Church in San Diego (, is strongly behind the Yes On 8 campaign for
413-423Byron York, White House correspondent for National Review (, and columnist with The Hill (, weighs in on the presidential race.  Byron's latest is The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy: The Untold Story of the Democrats' Desperate Fight to Reclaim Power.
428-437 KR 1-1 (:15) Karl Rove on The John Gibson Show, September 29 2008, on why the bailout vote failed yesterday.  Rove says he saw Chris Van Holland on NPR talking about how they were going to use this issue against the Republicans in the fall.  Update: Most members of the Congressional Black Caucus, many of whom come from safe districts and aren't at risk politically, voted no.
KR 1-2 (1:27) The Republicans on the floor watched Pelosi take a 2x4 to them but some of her closest supporters voted no as well,
KR 1-3 (1:31) Could Obama have done more to make Dems Vote Yes?
458-508 – • Thomas Sowell (9/30/08), Bailout Politics.
512-523 – • Jeffrey Miron (9/29/08), Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer.  [Miron is senior lecturer in economics at Harvard University.  A Libertarian, he was one of 166 academic economists who signed a letter to congressional leaders last week opposing the government bailout plan.]
528-539So, are you in favor of bankruptcy or bailout?
539Linda Carpenter from Alpenhorn Bed and Breakfast in Big Bear (, 888-829-6600).
544-554Your king or queen for a day, what would you change to get us out of this mess, if anything?
558-608 – • Mona Charen (9/30/08), ACORN, Obama, and the Mortgage Mess.
608 – "Your Independent, Unbiased, Advisors: The Money Guys" Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor at Applied Financial, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at
628-639BO Kid 2 (2:38) "Now's the moment, lift each voice to sing, Sing with all your heart!, For our children, for our families, Nations all joined as one.  Sing for joy and sing abundant peace, Courage, justice, hope!  Sing together, hold each precious hand, Lifting each other up; Sing for vision, sing for unity, Lifting our hearts to Sing!  Yes we can, Lift each other up, In peace, in love, in hope.  Change! Change!"
BO Kid 1 (:27) Children sing songs about Obama in Venice, CA.  "We're gonna spread happiness, We're gonna spread freedom, Obama's gonna change it, Obama's gonna lead 'em, We're gonna change it, And rearrange it, We're gonna change the world."
SP 6-1 (2:07) Palin with Katy Couric last night, asked about cross border attacks into Pakistan.  [Politico claims that the gaffe CBS is withholding for later in the week is her blanking when asked to name any Supreme Court cases besides Roe v. Wade.]
SP 6-2 (1:20) Palin with Couric, asked "Are you ready?"
644-655 – • Frank Pastore (9/30/08), Should Christians Argue Politics?
• Ken Blackwell (9/30/08), An ACORN Falls from the Tree.
• Stanley Kurtz (9/23/08), Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools.
• Kenneth R. Timmerman (9/29/08), Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign.
• Don Kaplan (9/30/08), Tired Out.