Wednesday, June 18, 2008

400-408Jay Richards, with the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty (, is the author of The Untamed God, The Privileged Planet, and the forthcoming The Christian Case for Capitalism, and is the executive producer of two documentaries, last year's The Call of the Entrepreneur and The Birth of Freedom that will premier tomorrow.  Jay talks about the Biblical roots of capitalism, Barack Obama's plan to tax the so-called rich, and Jim Wallis' idea of having Americans pay to end poverty around the globe.
413-423Jay Richards.  Is there a relationship between same sex marriage and poverty?
428-437Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship (, and host of Breakpoint (, heard daily here at 4:54, on the cultural impact of same sex marriage on the American family.  Chuck's latest book is The Faith: Given Once, For All (What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It and Why It Matters).
443-452William Mims, Pastor of the Full of Faith Christian Center in Pomona (, reacts to same sex marriage and prays for the families of California.
458-508David Oliver, spokesman of Care for the Family (, a ministry a lot like a "Focus on the Family Great Britain," is the author of Love Work, Live Life and founder of seminar workshops by the same name that may soon be coming to the US (  He's been endorsed by the Billy Graham Association. 
512-523Ron Hill, senior pastor of Love and Unity Church of God in Compton (, reacts to same sex marriage and prays for the families of California.  The Dr. Ron Hill Radio Show can be heard Tuesday thru Friday at 5pm on 1460AM KTYM.
528-539Ben Shapiro, nationally-syndicated columnist (, and author of Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House, on his latest piece at Townhall that questions Obama's understanding of our military and of our national security needs.
• Ben Shapiro, Why I'm Voting Democrat.  (A response to the YouTube video "I'm Voting Republican.")
544-554 Ben Shapiro
558-608  • CNN was on the courthouse steps in San Francisco yesterday cheerleading the left's celebration of same sex marriage and hit the liberal trifecta when they found an interracial male couple with an infant baby!  No wonder polling on this issue is beginning to change when Big Media gushes over such images!
(1:39) GAYMARRIAGE01:  A CNN afternoon anchor throws to reporter Ted Rowlands (and yes, we added the music!)
(:16) GAYMARRIAGE01A:  And yes that Sinatra classic will have to be edited to make in conform to our new PC standard.
(:41) GAYMARRIAGE02:  Thrilled to be there, with bongos beating in the background, and about to interview CNN's dream family, reporter Ted Rowlands gets things started with this very nice, 30-something, interracial male couple with a baby named Zeke.
(:43) GAYMARRIAGE03:  Here's the new groom and groom, talking about their big day.  First up is Jim the black guy, followed by Rodney, the white guy.  Their infant baby, Zeke, was there too, and stole the spotlight with two big sneezes!
(:18) GAYMARRIAGE04:  It turns out Jim and Rodney had already been married once.
(:16) GAYMARRIAGE05:  Four minutes into CNN's report, the conservative position was finally introduced and Jim was asked to comment.  And, predictably, conservatives are those trying to thwart the happiness of such wonderful gay Americans.
(:39) GAYMARRIAGE06:  But when the extended gay marriage celebration segment finally comes to an end, with the CNN reporter throwing it back to the anchor, the anchor keeps it going with his own question to the newlyweds!
(:55) GAYMARRIAGE07:  With bongos and drums still pounding, Jim talked about all of the joys of marriage, and Rodney talked about how safe he now felt being married.  CNN's Ted Rowlands added his own editorial comments after that, just in case anyone wasn't sure how he felt about all of this!
612-623 – • Jonah Goldberg, Canada's Thought Police.  Is Mark Steyn going to go to jail?
• Robert Spencer, Repeal Hate Speech Laws.
644-655 (1:16) Michelle Obama went on ABC's "The View" this morning and talks with Whoopi Goldberg about diversity.  Michelle calls "The View" diverse.  Yeah right, if you call 1 conservative vs. 5 liberals diverse.
(:38) Barbara Walters asks Michelle what she thinks of Hillary Clinton as her husbands' VP.  Michelle gives a politically correct answer.
(:42) Whoopi Goldberg thanks Michelle for being on TV so much because black women are usually portrayed in a bad light, in her view.
• WSJ Editorial, McCain's Energy Drill.
• Frank Turek, Why you OUGHT to Judge.