Friday, June 20, 2008

Think it's hot in LA?  It was 115° for our troops in Baghdad, Iraq and Kandahar, Afghanistan!
400-408Joni Eareckson Tada, founder of Joni and Friends (, tells us about another assisted suicide bill AB 2747, that the Democrats passed in the Assembly and it now heads to the Senate.  Joni joins us in her capacity as a member of the coalition of Californians Against Assisted Suicide (, go there is contact your state senator.
AB 2747 would authorize total sedation without nutrition and hydration for depressed and confused patients, whether or not their natural death was imminent. The bill would also allow family members to order the death of a mentally disabled person when a nurse opines they have less than a year to live.
AB 2747 would allow a doctor or a nurse to opine that a patient has "less than one year to live," and then ask depressed patients if they would like to be totally sedated into unconsciousness. Total sedation is usually an irreversible procedure that does not include nutrition and hydration. If patients or decision-making family members fall prey to suggestions of total sedation, death from dehydration will usually occur within five days.
413-423Andy Pugno, lead attorney with, with insights how the opposition will try to defeat our Marriage Amendment in November.  Including the law suit he was just served today!
428-437Dr. Sandra Lee, Frank's dermatologist from Upland with SKIN Physicians and Surgeons (, warns us about the dangers of sun-bathing without proper UV protection.  From their website,
Suspicious signs of melanoma can be summarized by the ABCDE's:
Asymmetry – Most melanomas are asymmetrical, a line through the middle would not create matching halves. Common benign moles are round and symmetrical.  If it looks like a state other than Hawaii, have it looked at.
Border Irregularity – The borders of early melanomas are often irregular with scalloped or notched borders.   Common benign moles have smoother, more even borders.
Color Variability – Varied shades of brown, tan or black are often the first signs of melanoma.  As melanomas progress, colors of red, white or blue may appear.  Common benign moles are usually a single shade of brown.
Diameter – Melanomas tend to grow a greater size than a common mole, generally at least the size of a pencil eraser (6mm diameter).
Evolution – Moles should be watched over time, and if they show evidence of growing or changing, this increases the chances that they may be developing into a melanoma.
What you want in your sun screen:  SPF 15 or 30,  Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or avobenzone.
• Fox 29 West Palm Beach, Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer.
• AP, Doctors 'Cure' Skin Cancer Patient Using His Own Blood Cells.  One of the nine terminally ill patients treated with an experimental new form of immunotherapy has been totally healed of his melanoma.  62,000 melanoma cases are diagnosed in the US every year, and about 8,000 die from it.
443-452Ralph Reed, former executive director of the Christian Coalition and senior advisor to President Bush's 2000 and 2004 campaigns, on his new political thriller Dark Horse (  Hit number two at Amazon fiction last week!
458-508Johnetta Tripplet of Los Angeles has overcome a life of abuse, drugs and alcohol and got clean and sober with the help of the Ann Douglas Center at the Los Angeles Mission, and she shares her story with us in the first of our new Life Change Stories.  (If you or someone you know has a story of how our great God has changed a life, email us at  Johnetta was known as the Flower Girl  and she shares why.
512-523 Johnetta Tripplet
539 – (3:00 SS) – Greg Vernon, pastor of The Refuge Church in North Hollywood (, shares about their Gospel Fest night of gospel worship this Monday at 8pm at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.  It's free and will feature 2-time Grammy nominee Sarah Kelly.  Gospel Fest launches their new Center for the Arts Faith and Worship.  There's a special reception at 7pm, visit the webpage or call (818) 222-7095.
558-608(:54) CBS Evening news last night blames the economy and poor financial outlook in Gloucester for one possible reason why the girls made a pact to get pregnant.
• TIME, Pregnancy Boom at Gloucester High.  How do you stop this from spreading?  When the state becomes the parent, parents become irrelevant.  When there is no consequences to bad behavior, you're going to get more and more bad behavior.  If these girls can have babies that the state will pay for, you're going to get more babies, oppressively higher taxes, bigger and more invasive government, and a country racing to hell – and civilizational collapse.
• Lawrence B. Lindsey, Obama Turns FDR Upside Down.
(:57) Barack Obama's new and 1st general election ad is pretty generic and running in at least 18 states
(2:42) Barack Obama announced to his supporters today in an internet video that he will not be accepting public financing.  In the same announcement he slams McCain for doing so.