Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today we're partnering with Christ Truth Ministries, who for 59 years (since 1949), have been providing Bibles, Bible studies, and correspondence courses to prison inmates all across the country. 
Inmates go through a 3-year discipleship program, studying the Bible with resources from John MacArthur, Warren Wiersbe, Charles Stanley, the Radio Bible Class, and other great teachers, many of whom you hear here on KKLA, and they correspond with the wonderful volunteers at CTM who also score their progress. 
This program is free to all inmates and upon completion, inmates are mailed an award certificate that reminds them of their hard work in hundreds of hours of study and their worthy achievement. 
Each year CTM mails thousands of pounds of Bibles and literature to hundreds of chaplains across the country, reaching thousands of inmates.  The program is endorsed by Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. 
It is so effective at changing lives that many inmates end up enrolling their family members to join them in the correspondence courses, and statistically, 70% of those who complete the program don't return to their old way of life.  That's changing a life by changing a heart!  That's the power of the Gospel!
So help break the cycle of hopelessness and despair that all too often passes from one generation to the next by partnering with Christ Truth Ministries and KKLA today by sponsoring a 3-year discipleship program for a single inmate for $295 – which covers just the materials and postage, not a penny goes to anyone's salary or expense account!  This is a shoe-string budget ministry:  3 paid staff, Virginia and her two daughters Wendy and Susan and 65 volunteers!
This Easter, as we celebrate our new life in Christ, we want to partner with Virginia to nurture the 65 newborn Christian babies she's given every month.
Sponsor the Christ Truth Ministries 3-year discipleship program for a brand new believer for $295, that's $98 a year!
Sponsor two new Christians for $590 and we'll give you 4 tickets to the Curtain Call Dinner Theater.
Sponsor 8 new Christians for $2,400 and get a KKLA advertising package valued at $3,500.
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Reba Toney, heard mid-days on KKLA,
Virginia O'Kane, president of Christ Truth Ministries (