Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fundraiser for Birth Choice Health Clinics ( (888) 799-4999.

• Today on the 35th anniversary of Roe v Wade, we're asking you to help a woman in crisis – with your gift of $150 we can provide her a single ultrasound for free that can save her baby's life.  National research confirms that 89% of women considering abortion chose life once they've seen an ultrasound of their baby – but in California, that number drops to 45%.  Help these women make the birth choice – the choice of life.  And, we want to thank Mark & Tina Gallagher at Park Place Funding for their generous $10,000 matching grant – because of them, you're gifts are doubled.  Call (888) 799-4999.
• California performs one-fourth of all abortions.  One third of all women have had an abortion.
• All gifts are welcome!
• For gifts of $150, you'll receive a prayer request booklet and a certificate of recognition for your generous gift.
• $450 gets a pair of tickets to the Curtain Call Dinner Theater.
• $600, gets 6 tickets to Knott's Berry Farm.
• $2500, gets a $3500 KKLA advertising package for your church, ministry, outreach, or business.
• If you're abortion minded, and you want to talk to someone right now, call 888-307-4294.
Kathleen Eaton, founder and president of Birth Choice Health Clinics (, and her Executive director Cheri Liefeld, share their ministry of helping women see alternatives to abortion.  Birth Choice also operates Toby's House, a shelter for homeless mothers where they can get counseling, vocational training and spiritual help.
428-437Jennifer, 20, was in the Army National Guard and headed to Iraq when she found out she was pregnant. Jennifer ended up calling Birth Choice, and they helped her find wonderful adoptive parents for her son due April 1.
512-523Robin Chambers, manager of the Option Ultrasound ministry at Focus on the Family (, shares their enthusiasm for the ministry of Birth Choice.
528-539Diana was a single mom pregnant with twins in 1992.  Birth Choice helped her keep her twins and get on her feet.  She recently heard Kathleen's voice on the radio, and called her to tell her how much Birth Choice had meant to her in her time of need.
608 – [1:30] The Money Guys Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor at Applied Financial, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL.
628-639Jennifer, 20, and her mom Lorianne share their story of how Jennifer got pregnant in high school and was intending to have an abortion, all the while her mom was praying that her daughter would choose life.  Today, Lorianne has the joy of babysitting her grandson Marshall.