Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Fourth Anniversary Show!  The Start of Our Fifth Year!
400-408Why are so many conservatives down on Huckabee?  Ann Coulter calls him a "Republican Jimmy Carter," Richard Vigueri calls him a "Christian Socialist," Ben Shapiro says he lacks the gravitas to defeat Barack or Hillary in the general election, and Rush Limbaugh says he's not a true conservative.
Audio from last night's debates in New Hampshire.
• (1/8/08) Stop birthright citizenship and pardon agents Ramos and Compean.  In December, won the endorsement of Jim Gilchrist, Minuteman Project founder.
1. Build the Fence by 7/1/10 – Install an interlocking surveillance camera system by July 1, 2010.
2. Increase Border Patrol – Task all law enforcement personnel with enforcing immigration law.
3. Prevent Amnesty Provide all illegal immigrants with a 120-day window to register with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and leave the country.  Those who register and return to their home country will face no penalty if they later apply to immigrate or visit; those who do not return home will be, when caught, barred from future reentry for a period of 10 years.  This is not a "touchback" provision. Those who leave this country and apply to return from their home country would go to the back of the line.
4. Enforce the Law on Employers Impose steep fines and penalties on employers who violate the law.  Institute a universal, mandatory citizenship verification system as part of the normal hiring process.  Prevent the IRS and the Social Security Administration from accepting fraudulent Social Security numbers or numbers that don't match the employees' names.
5. Establish an Economic Border – Pass the Fair Tax.
6. Empower Local Authorities – Support the CLEAR Act, and empower local police to turn illegal immigrants over to federal authorities.
7. Ensure Document Security – End exemptions for Mexicans and Canadians to the US-VISIT program, which tracks the arrival and departure of foreign visitors. Since these countries account for the vast majority of foreigners coming here (85 percent), such a policy clearly violates Congress' intent in mandating this check-in/check-out system.  Reject Mexico's "matricula consular" card, which functions as an illegal-immigrant identification card.
8. Discourage Dual Citizenship – Inform foreign governments when their former citizens become naturalized U.S. citizens.  Impose civil and/or criminal penalties on American citizens who illegitimately use their dual status (e.g., using a foreign passport, voting in elections in both a foreign country and the U.S.).
9. Modernize the Process of Legal Immigration – Eliminate the visa lottery system and the admission category for adult brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens.  Increase visas for highly-skilled and highly-educated applicants.  Expedite processing for those who serve honorably in the U.S. Armed Forces.  Improve our immigration process so that those patiently and responsibly seeking to come here legally will not have to wait decades to share in the American dream. Governor Huckabee has always been grateful to live in a country that people are trying to break into, rather than break out of.
413-423Audio from last night's debates in New Hampshire.
Huckabee on Himself, "I believe in things like a strong national defense, less government, lower taxes. I believe in the integrity of small business, knowing that that's where 80 percent of our jobs come from...I'm also pro-life, I'm pro-Second Amendment; I believe in the 10th Amendment -- let there be more power in the states, less in the centralized federal government. Now, if that's not conservative, somebody needs to hand me a new book and show me what conservatism is about."
Huckabee on Immigration, "I will take our country back for those who belong here.  No open borders, no amnesty, no sanctuary, no false Social Security numbers, no driver's licenses for illegals."  "Those caught trying to enter illegally must be detained, processed, and deported."  "The federal government must crack down on rogue cities that willfully undermine our economy and national security."  "I oppose and will not tolerate employers who hire illegals.  They must be punished with fines and penalties so large that they will see it is not worth the risk."
Huckabee on the War on Terror, "The terrorists train in small, scattered groups.  We can accomplish a great deal with swift, surgical air strikes and commando raids by our elite unites."  "I believe we are currently engaged in a world war.  Radical Islamic fascists have declared war on our country and our way of life.  They have sworn to annihilate each of us who believe in a free society, all in the name of a perversion of religion and an impersonal god.  We go to great extremes to save lives, they go to great extremes to take them."
• Henry Olsen (1/6), The GOP's Time for Choosing: Mike Huckabee would make the party more like Europe's Christian Democrats.  Olsen is a vice president at the American Enterprise Institute and director of its National Research Initiative.
He says Huckabee's "pro-faith, pro-government message," is a "Christian Democratic party" message.
Christian Democrats are noted for "favoring private property and traditional values while supporting government regulation and taxation to ameliorate what they perceive to be capitalism's defects."  "These parties uphold marriage and the traditional family as the bedrocks of society. They also advocate economic policies typified by the CDU's ideal of a "social market economy," which emphasizes the need for both government-provided welfare and capitalism."
"American conservatism also differs from Christian Democracy in its attitude toward faith. Reagan conservatism is faith-friendly, supporting the free exercise of religion and traditional morality. But it does not define its political principles with reference to its faith; in this view, Christianity is consistent with proper political principles, but is not the primary wellspring of those principles."
"The political debate for the last decade has been between a Democratic Party which essentially argues America should be more like Europe--more statist, more secular, more pacifist--and a Reagan-influenced GOP which argues America should be more like its historical self. The Mike Huckabee/Christian Democratic movement is an attempt to break this logjam by looking to a different European model, one that says we can be more statist without being more secular or pacifist. In deciding how to react to the Huckabee challenge, Reagan's GOP descendants now face their own time for choosing."
• William Kristol, President Mike Huckabee?  Kristol writes,
After the last two elections, featuring the well-born George Bush and Al Gore and John Kerry, Americans — even Republicans! — are ready for a likable regular guy. Huckabee seems to be that. He came up from modest origins. He served as governor of Arkansas for more than a decade. He fought a successful battle against being overweight. These may not be utterly compelling qualifications for the presidency. I'm certainly not ready to sign up.
Still, as the conservative writer Michelle Malkin put it, "For the work-hard-to-get-ahead strivers who represent the heart and soul of the G.O.P., there are obvious, powerful points of identification." And they speak to younger voters who are not yet committed to the G.O.P. In Iowa, Huckabee did something like what Obama did on the Democratic side, albeit on a smaller scale. He drew new voters to the caucuses. And he defeated Mitt Romney by almost two to one, and John McCain by better than four to one, among voters under 45.
Now it's true that many conservatives have serious doubts about Huckabee's positions, especially on foreign policy, and his record, particularly on taxes. The conservative establishment is strikingly hostile to Huckabee — for both good and bad reasons. But voters seem to be enjoying making up their own minds this year. And Huckabee is a talented politician.
His campaigning in New Hampshire has been impressive. At a Friday night event at New England College in Henniker, he played bass with a local rock band, Mama Kicks. One secular New Hampshire Republican's reaction: "Gee, he's not some kind of crazy Christian. He's an ordinary American."
• Terry Eastland, A Serious Contender Suddenly: Can Huckabee make voters see him as a plausible president?  He can get Evangelicals, (80% of his supporters in Iowa were Evangelicals), and he'd likely get nearly all of them in a general election, but the key question is, can he get votes from poor and blue-collar non-Evangelicals? 
458-508Greg Laurie, pastor of the 15,000-member Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside (, and host of A New Beginning heard weekdays at 10:30am, with an anniversary salute and thoughts on the 2008 presidential race.
512-523Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family (, heard four times daily here on KKLA (4:30am, 7:30am, 11:30am and 10:00pm), with an anniversary salute and thoughts on the 2008 presidential race.
• Citizenlink, Dr. Dobson: Media 'Dead Wrong' About Values Voters: Conservative Christians flex their muscles in Iowa caucuses.  60% of the GOP caucus goers were Evangelicals, and 45% of them backed Huckabee.  80% of Huckabee's caucus-winning total were Evangelicals.
528-539Raul Ries, pastor of 14,000-member Calvary Chapel Golden Springs (, and host of Somebody Loves You now heard weekdays at 1:00pm, with an anniversary salute and thoughts on the 2008 presidential race.
SS – (3:44) Donald McConnell, Academic Dean of Trinity Law School, with an invitation to their God and Governing Conference, Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd at the Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa.  We'll be doing our show there Friday, so come by and say hi.  (, (877) 634-6355.  Featured speakers include Os Guinness and Dallas Willard.
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