Friday, May 30, 2008

400-408Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, former presidential speech writer for Bush #41 and now senior fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute at Concerned Women for America (, on her latest article at Townhall that discusses various ways the government promotes "positive behaviors by youths" while "minimizing risky ones."
• Janice Shaw Crouse (5/28), Exposing Failed Radical Theories and Policies.  She concludes, "Indeed, a growing body of findings from objective social science research is providing defenders of the truth with the ammunition they need to counter the phony ideologically-biased research that dominated policy discussions in the aftermath of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. While the radicals of the 1960s are still administrators of foundations, heads of leftist organizations and members of the tenured faculty of American universities — their remaining bastions of power — slowly, but steadily, these radicals are becoming more and more obsolete, like their enablers in the mainstream media."
413-423Tod Lindberg, research fellow at the Hoover Institute (, editor of Hoover's Policy Review, and author of The Political Teachings of Jesus, and we talk about the book.
428-437Tod Lindberg.
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443-452Chris Ferrell, director of policy research at Judicial Watch (, on the city of Phoenix last week ending their Sanctuary City policy due to pressure from Judicial Watch, and the forthcoming trial in Los Angeles over Special Order #40 that prevents officers from communicating with ICE on June 30.
458-508Todd Pierce, former rodeo champion and now full-time pastor to the Professional Bull Riders Tour, will be featured this weekend on the nationwide Billy Graham Television Special Longing for Change, ( which will air locally on KTLA channel 5 on Saturday night at 7pm.  From the webpage, it previews Todd's segment with this, "Todd and Leslie's relationship was doomed from the start. He couldn't even make it to their wedding day before he'd made the ultimate mistake. What could he do to change? And what would she do about him?"
512-523Peter Foy, Ventura County supervisor and Chairman of Americans for Prosperity shares about their statewide "ATM Tour:  Already Taxed To The Max!" that exposes wasteful spending in the Legislature with a giant inflatable ATM Machine.   They will be gathering signatures of those who oppose tax increases as they go, and will present them to the Governor on June 10.  To sign the online petition, go to
528-539Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family (, who's heard four times a day here on KKLA (4:30am, 7:30am, 11:30am and 10:00pm), comments on Colorado Governor Bill Ritter yesterday signing SB200 that will allow men to use women's restrooms and locker rooms without notice or explanation.
Supporters claim the bill will prevent discrimination; in reality, the bill endangers religious freedom by opening the door for the state to punish any person or organization — including small and home-based businesses — that refuses, for religious or other moral reasons, to offer or sell goods or services to homosexuals, bisexuals, "transgendered" and transsexual individuals….With SB 200, however, we no longer have two "sexes"; we enter a brave new world with a myriad of "sexual orientations" that must not be discriminated against, upon pain of the substantial civil and criminal penalties contained in the bill…A refusal to do business with someone based on a sincerely held religious belief that homosexuality is wrong would violate the law…[I]n addition to civil fines and penalties, small-business owners can be prosecuted under the criminal laws of Colorado and spend up to one year in jail for trying to live according to their faith…the legislature is expecting 30 complaints and three legal cases per year.
544-554Read the email from the Christian lesbian.
558-608How would you respond to a Christian lesbian whose partner is an ordained minister?
612-623How would you respond to a Christian lesbian whose partner is an ordained minister?
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628-639How would you respond to a Christian lesbian whose partner is an ordained minister?
644-655Chip Flaherty, executive vice president of Walden Media, who co-produced with Disney Narnia, Prince Caspian (, now running nationwide.
• Walden Media, Narnia, Prince Caspian.
(2:53) YouTube, Father Michael Pfleger at Trinity on May 25, 2008.  Pfleger argues for slavery reparation before ranting on white entitlement and accusing Hillary of being a white supremacist.  Pfleger is a Catholic Priest who practices black liberation theology and has honored Louis Farrakhan numerous times at his Saint Sabina Roman Catholic Church in Chicago.
TRANSCRIPT: …Pfleger: [Unintelligible] honest enough to address the one who says, "Don't hold me responsible for what my ancestors did."  But you have enjoyed the benefits of what your ancestors did!  And unless you are ready to give up the benefits , throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund, throw away all the money you put into the company you walked into because yo' daddy and yo' granddaddy and yo' great granddaddy – unless you're willing to give up the benefits, then you must be responsible for what was done in your generation 'cuz you are the beneficiary of this insurance policy!  We must be honest enough to expose white entitlement and supremacy wherever it raises its head.  I said before I don't want this to be political because, you know, I'm very unpolitical.  Reverend Moss, when Hillary was crying and people said that was put on – I really don't believe it was put on.  I really believe that she just always thought "This is mine, I'm Bill's wife, I'm white, and this is mine.  And I jus' gotta get up, and step into the plate."   And then out of nowhere came, "Hey, I'm Barack Obama."  And she said, "Oh, damn!  Where did you come from?  I'm white! I'm entitled!  There's a black man stealing my show!"  (Sobbing)  She wasn't the only one crying!  There was a whole lotta white people crying!  I'm sorry. I don't wanna get you in any mo' trouble. The live streaming just went out again…
• Michelle Malkin (5/29), He's baaaack: Obama supporter Rev. Michael Pfleger flogs Hillary's "white entitlement" on the pulpit.  Includes YouTube link, transcript, and Pfleger's endorsement of Obama before the campaign took it off.
• AP, Obama distances himself from another clergyman.  Obama issued the statement, "As I have traveled this country, I've been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that unites us.  That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger's divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn't reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together."  Pfleger issued this apology, "I regret the words I chose on Sunday.  These words are inconsistent with Sen. Obama's life and message, and I am deeply sorry if they offended Sen. Clinton or anyone else who saw them."  • NBC, Revivalist Claims Hundreds Of Healings.
• Peggy Noonan, But Is It True?

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