Friday, January 18, 2008

Coming to you live today from the Rethink Conference at the Crystal Cathedral.  For tickets, call (866) 450-9713, or go to
Primary Schedule:  Thu 1/3 Iowa (Huckabee), Sat 1/5 Wyoming (Romney), Tue 1/8 New Hampshire (McCain), and Tue 1/15 Michigan (Romney)  //  Sat 1/19 Nevada-South Carolina, Tue 1/29 Florida, Fri 2/1 Maine, Super Tuesday 2/5 California and 20 other states. (* Since 1980, no Republican has won the nomination without winning South Carolina.)
RCP National:            McCain 29.8%, Huck 20%, Mitt 14.5%, Rudy 12.5%, Fred 9.1%, Ron 4.1%. 
                                                Hillary 42.4%, Obama 33.5%, Edwards 12.3%
Nevada:            Mitt 25.7%, McCain 20.7%, Huck 12.3%, Rudy 11.7%, Fred 10.7%, Ron 7.3%.
                                    Hillary 37%, Obama 33.3%, Edwards 19.5%.
SC:                                    McCain 28.2%, Huck 23.3%, Mitt 16.7%, Fred 13.8%, Ron 4.2%, Rudy 3.3%. 
                                    Obama 42.3%, Hillary 32.8%, Edwards 12.5%.
Florida:                        McCain 23.2%, Rudy 20.3%, Mitt 18%, Huck 17.3%, Fred 8.5%, and Ron 5.0%. 
                                    Hillary 48.8%, Obama 29.8%, Edwards 11.7%.
California:            McCain 25.7%, Mitt 15.3%, Rudy 14.3%, Huck 13.3%, Fred 9.3%, and Ron 6%.
                                    Hillary 45%, Obama 33%, Edwards 10.7%.
Voter Registration:  To vote in the February 5 Presidential Primary you must register by Tuesday, January 22, 2008.  To vote in the June 3 Direct Primary you must be registered by May 19, 2008.  To vote November 4 in the General Election, you must register by October 20, 2008.
• VA Joe, Campaign Calculator.  See who best lines up with your policy preferences!
• I'll be at the noon-time Mike Huckabee Rally this Saturday, Jan. 19th at the Bill Barber Memorial Park in Irvine at the corner of Barranca Parkway and Harvard.  (Directions:  405 South, Jamboree East, Barranca Right, at Harvard.)  For info go to
Coming to you live today from the Rethink Conference at the Crystal Cathedral.  For tickets, call (866) 450-9713, or go to
400-408Jonathan Brown, the Tour Manager for the World Vision Experience, shares some of the reaction people have to the exhibit.
413-423Mark Steyn, (, the most widely-read columnist in the English-speaking world, and author of my most important book of 2006, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, is being investigated because of complaints by the Canadian Islamic Congress to the Canadian Human Rights Commission for the actionable offense of being "flagrantly Islamophobic."  This is all part of Islamic "lawfare," or legal warfare, to intimidate and bankrupt defendants.
• Brooke M. Goldstein (1/15/08), Mark Steyn Is Not Alone.
• The Economist, (1/10), Islam and phobias.
428-437Mark Steyn.
443-452Joe Dallas, (, pastoral counselor and founder of Genesis Counseling, a ministry to those trapped in sexual addiction and homosexuality, and author of The Gay Gospel: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible, on what gay activists have planned for 2008.
Act 1:  Normalization.  Act 2:  Affirmation.  Act 3:  Silencing of Opposition.  Trend toward censorship.
• Kevin Cathcart-Lambda Legal, (1/14), What We Mean When We Talk About Change.
458-508Kay Warren, (, ), wife of Rick Warren pastor of Saddleback Church, and author of her new book Dangerous Surrender: What Happens When You Say Yes to God?, is also a huge advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness, and she shares a little from her talk at today's Rethink Conference.
528-539Erwin McManus, pastor of the experimental church (not emergent) Mosaic ( with locations in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, West LA, Downtown, and Chino, and author of his latest Soul Cravings, is also co-host of this Rethink Conference at the Crystal Cathedral.  Erwin is a leader within the Emergent Church movement, and controversial for such statements as:  "The greatest enemy of the movement of Jesus Christ is Christianity," and "My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ," and "Some people are upset with me because it sounds like I'm anti-Christians. I think they might be right."
544-554Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial (, are sponsoring today's remote today and explain why listeners should Rethink their financial future.
558-608Newt Gingrich replay from Wednesday.  Newt talks about the election and his new book Real Change: From the World That Fails to the World That Works.
612-623Newt Gingrich
628-639Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch (, has just obtained disturbing documents from the Clinton Presidential Library about Hillary's 1993 Taskforce on Health Care.
644-655Brian Bird, Hollywood writer and producer with Believe Pictures (, with an inside update on the writer's strike.
• Kimberly Strassel, Huckabee and the Values Vote.
• Mark D. Tooley, Byron Dorgan: Theocrat?