Friday, February 1, 2008

• Crosswalk, Americans of Faith Panel Discussion with moderator Dennis Prager, and panelists Ken Blackwell, Bob McEwen, George Barna, Frank Pastore, and Governor Mike Huckabee.  Here's the video at
• VA Joe, VA Campaign Calculator.  See who best lines up with your policy preferences!
• The Green Papers, Election 2008:  Primary, Caucus, and Convention Phase.  (Numbers after sanctions.)
Democrats:  Winner needs 2,025 of 3,957 delegates.  Hillary 188.  Barack 102.
Republicans:  Winner needs 1,191 of 2,234 delegates. McCain 98, Mitt 59, Huck 26.
Primary Schedule:  Thu 1/3 Iowa (Huckabee), Sat 1/5 Wyoming (Romney), Tue 1/8 New Hampshire (McCain), and Tue 1/15 Michigan (Romney), Sat 1/19 Nevada (Romney) & South Carolina (McCain), Tue 1/29 Florida (McCain), Fri 2/1 Maine, Super Tuesday 2/5 California and 20 other states.
RCP National: McCain 28.2%, Mitt 20.3%, Huck 19.2%.    Hillary 42.8%, Obama 34.5%, Edwards 12.2%
California: McCain 32.5%, Mitt 24.2%, Huck 11.2%.    Hillary 45%, Obama 33.3%, Edwards 10.5%.
RVD:  McCain-Hillary (46.8/45), McCain-Barack (44.7/43.2), Mitt-Hillary (38.8/51.2), Mitt-Barack (34.2/51.2)
Coming to you live today from the God and Governing Conference at the Westin South Coast Plaza sponsored by the Trinity Law School, and the point of the conference is to affirm the Christian's calling to virtue, statesmanship and politics.  Tomorrow's speakers include Vishal Mangalwadi, Dallas Willard, Donald McConnell, Stephen Kennedy, and the keynote dinner address will be given by Os Guinness.  Tomorrow's sessions start at 8:00am with a prayer breakfast, and you can register right here at the door.  With meals the cost is $200, and with just dinner the cost is $100.
400-408Paul Marshall, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom (, spoke at the lunch conference a few hours ago.  He's the author of God and the Constitution: Christianity and American Politics, as well as Islam at the Crossroads: Understanding its Beliefs, History and Conflicts.
• Paul Marshall (1/14), Politics and Religion Do Mix.
• Mark D. Tooley, Divestment's Amen Corner.
John Fund of the Wall Street Journal (, with analysis of the presidential race.
• John Fund (1/28), Winging It.
• Tom Raum And Nedra Pickler, Clinton, Obama Spar on Health Care, War.
428-437(99.5 KKLA is giving you a once in a lifetime chance to have a personal lunch with Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Go to KKLA dot com and click on the back stage pass button for more information)
Jay Richards is with the Acton Institute (, holds a duel Ph.D. in philosophy and theology from Princeton, is the executive producer of The Call of the Entrepreneur ( now being shown on select PBS stations, and he runs the Planet Gore blog at NRO.
(:36) Hillary on how she'll fund universal health care from last night.
(:26) Barack on the cost of universal health.
• Michael Miller & Jay W. Richards Ph.D., The Missing Link: Religion and Economic Freedom.
443-452Jay Richards
458-508Donald McConnell is the Academic Dean of Trinity Law School and will be speaking tomorrow.
512-523Gilad Millo is Counsel for Media and Public Affairs at the Israeli Consulate in LA (  They're putting on a fund-raising concert on February 26, at the Wilshire Theater for the children of Sderot (, along with a celebration of Israel's 60th Anniversary.
528-539 Ron Wildermuth is director of public relations for the Orange County Water District (, and he explains why recycling human waste water for drinking is safe and economical – and they've been doing is since the 1970's.
544-554Jeff Ventrella, with the Alliance Defense Fund.
558-608Vishal Mangalwadi is a Christian scholar and international lecturer from India who is in the US to produce a television documentary called Must the Sun Set on the West.   Vishal will be speaking at Saturday's prayer breakfast.
612-623Superbowl predictions? 
628-639Translate this football lingo, "Though Brady's PE numbers are higher than Manning's, there's no way the Pats can cover the flood zones and still stay with their nickel and dime.  Besides, if the down line gets the traction, I think they can then free safety blitz to have Brady running for cover and that's going to lead to a lot of picks."  Or, "The Pats can disguise their 4-3, so when Manning comes to the line and switches to his Hot, the D will already know where he's going, besides, with the TAR so high on the Pat's side all it will take is a few play actions and the Giants will be spending the afternoon in their own Coffin Corner."
644-655Football Vocabulary Quiz