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400-408 – Dennis Rainey, President and CEO of Family Life (, 800-FL-TODAY), heard weekdays at 830am with Bob Lepine, is out with his latest book entitled Stepping Up:  A Call to Courageous Manhood (link), with video curriculum coming out in August – the five male life stages are: boyhood, adolescence, manhood, mentor, patriarch.  Dennis is also excited about their Homebuilder movement, built around The Art of Marriage curriculum (link).  Dennis and Barbara have four daughters, two sons, and 18 grandchildren!

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413-423 – Dennis RaineyToday we talk about being a better husband and father.  It centers upon four key areas:  Identity, Character, Relationship, Mission.

428-438 – Dennis RaineyHad a rough day guys?  How about sumo-wrestling with your kids tonight? :)

443-452 – Dennis RaineyChildren are like arrows, they were never meant to stay in the quiver, they are meant to be shot at a target.  What target are you aiming your kids at?

458-508 – Dr. Christine Whelan ( is a sociologist at the University of Pittsburgh, with a new eBook that just came out entitled Self Control in 7 Steps.  Her earlier books were Generation WTF: From What the #$%&! to a Wise, Tenacious, and Fearless You: Advice on How to Get There from Experts and WTFers Just Like You (, and Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to True Love, and Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women.  Christine is Catholic, and she writes a relationship & dating column at  She and her husband, Peter, live and work in Pittsburgh with their dictator cats, Chairman Meow and Evita Purrron, and they just lost one of their two twins back on December 23rdDaniel was almost six months old when he died, and his sister Eleanor is now almost 9 months old today.  

Today we talk about her new book, and rebranding WTF to stand for "Wise, Tenacious, and Fearless," and teaching the classic virtues of perseverance, honesty, self-control, and thrift without using the names Aquinas or Aristotle, but by using names like Dale Carnegie and Steven Covey.  Christine did her dissertation on self-help literature.  

512-523 – Christine Whelan

523 – Don Rohde @ Galpin Ford (818) 262-2092 (galpin.comFor the past 39 years, Don's been sales manager at Galpin.  "Go see why they're the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 22 consecutive years!"

528-539 – Christine Whelan

544-554 – 

558-608 – • Ben Shapiro (Breitbart, 3/7/2012) OBAMA: 'OPEN UP YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR MINDS' TO RACIALIST PROF.  Audio below.

(:34) Obama introducing Derrick Bell at the Harvard Law protest, "Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell."  Followed by Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree admitting to his audience, "We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. I don't care if they find it now."

(5:45) Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree admitting to his audience, "We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign. I don't care if they find it now."

So, who is Derrick Bell?

• J. Christian Adams (Breitbart, 3/8/2012) OBAMA'S BELOVED LAW PROFESSOR: DERRICK BELL. has revealed that while at Harvard Law School, Barack Obama embraced the racially charged cause of professor Derrick Bell.  

Both Obama and Bell demanded that Harvard hire professors on the basis of race. Obama and other students rallied to Bell's side after Bell quit teaching in an attempt to force Harvard to implement race-based hiring policies. 

Other archived video tapes I have reviewed reveal that Bell espouses racial ideas deeply at odds with American values--and did so, adamantly, while at Harvard Law School.

The Obama-Bell connection is the latest in a pattern of Barack Obama's associations with individuals who promoted a racially divisive America. 

In 2008, America learned that Obama attended, and had his children baptized, in a church run by the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright. After the Obama campaign launched a successful existential war to have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright remain a household name only to Fox News viewers, Americans dreamed an Obama presidency would usher in a post-racial era.

That never materialized.

Instead, Professor Derrick Bell's racial world view is now manifesting in the policies of the Obama administration, particularly in Eric Holder's Justice Department. That's why Obama's radical associations in the past matter.

That's also why Senator Obama's appearance with New Black Panther Party President, Malik Zulu Shabazz in Selma, Alabama, matters.  I detail the 2007 Selma event and photographs with Obama and Shabazz in my book, Injustice

Andrew Breitbart courageously published other photos of Obama and Shabazz.  The leftist photographer prohibited my publisher (Regnery) from using some of the photos.  He knew how incendiary they were, and so did Andrew.  Remember, Malik Zulu Shabazz is the very defendant whom Eric Holder let off in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Policies of racial division and racial preference have characterized this administration, even if most in the media have failed willingly to cover them.  

Nobody should celebrate this lost chance for national racial healing many voters thought would characterize his Presidency. Nobody should be glad that the Obama administration turns a blind eye, for example, toward racially motivated violence like the mob attacks in Wisconsin or Dayton.

That Obama gravitated toward Bell, Wright, and Bill Ayers and all the others we now know about says something about the man.

Contrary to those who might praise Derrick Bell, America is the worse off because of his ideas.

Bell did more than advocate for race-based hiring. He was perhaps the worst Johnny Appleseed of a nasty racialist legal theory called Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory, in a nutshell, argues that the law is a weapon of the majority whites to oppress "people of color."  It argues for "structural racism"--the idea that American institutions are aligned against blacks, whether the oppressor is the criminal justice system, a cabdriver without a fare, businesses, government, Domino's Pizza, banks, or the police. 

Critical Race Theory does not view the law as applying equally to all Americans, but advocates for racially unfair implementation of the law to right past injustice.

Most of the crackpot racial grievance you hear today has a philosophical foundation in Critical Race Theory.  It is a counter-American, collectivist idea. Reparations, race-based hiring and excusing New Black Panther voter intimidation are some of the evil fruits of Critical Race Theory.

Bell's history might be insignificant if he kept it to himself.  But he didn't. He used his professorship to export this worldview to students--students like Obama, who later used their teaching posts to bring Bell's views to the next generation.

In the Obama tapes (that have been revealed so far), we find the future President calling on Harvard students to "open up your hearts, and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell."  Race relations in our country are worse off because too many people followed Obama's advice.

612-623 – • Mary Grabar (Pajamas Media, 10/29/2008) How Critical Race Theory Molded Obama.

// "Critical race theory [2]" is one label for such an anti-Western notion of justice; its ideas seep into the humanities, including my field, English. Its promulgators, like Derrick Bell [3], insist that long-held beliefs that underpin our legal system be replaced by a "justice" that takes into account past and current racial discrimination — however subjectively determined it may be. In short, critical race theorists believe that standards of justice should vary from group to group and situation to situation.

// Indicating a receptive attitude to such a view of justice, at least by his teaching and academic background, is presidential candidate Barack Obama. While at Harvard, Obama [4] joined his professor, critical race theorist Derrick Bell, in mob pressures to hire a black female. Obama, during his richly remunerated stint as a part-time professor at the University of Chicago Law School, relied on his former professor's writings, as his syllabus [5] shows. (Issues of race seem to have been a specialty [6] during Obama's tenure, as I've described in previous [7] columns.) The media points to his inclusion of a reading by conservative jurist Robert Bork, but the preponderance of far-left readings, as well as other evidence, like Obama's contribution [8] of a chapter to a volume devoted to the writings of radical socialist Saul Alinsky and his close ties [9] to the New Party, strongly suggest that Obama as professor used the tactic of most left-wing professors: throw in one token conservative as a whipping boy. Obama's academic associations and writings show him favoring theories of justice based on race, class, and gender. These have their roots in a socialist doctrine — and not in Western notions of equal and universal rights.

(3X, Derrick Bell, "America is permanently racist.") 

• Breitbart (3/8/2012) DERRICK BELL: USA MUST ADMIT WE ARE PERMANENTLY RACIST.  Obama: "Open your hearts and open your minds to the words of Prof. Derrick Bell."  Derrick Bell: "Racism is permanent."

628-639 – Calls – Is racism permanent, impossible to overcome?  For whom?  

644-654 – Calls – Is racism permanent, impossible to overcome?  For whom? So, if you raise your child to be colorblind, according to Derek Bell, they need to be re-educated to see the world in terms of colors.  So, who's perpetuating racism?  So let's discriminate in order to end discrimination?

(1:45) Thomas Sowell Hammers 'Despicable' Derrick Bell; Compares To Hitler.

• Thomas Sowell (5/24/1990) Thomas Sowell on Derrick Bell.  Was Derrick Bell a radical when Barack Obama told us all to open our hearts and minds? Thomas Sowell was asked about Bell at the time. Here's what he said.

LAMB: Correct me on the, on the names and everything. Derrick Bell?


LAMB: Harvard Law School, black man.


LAMB: Threatened the law school if they didn't hire a black woman, he's going, he's leaving?

SOWELL: Well, if I understand it correctly, he's taking unpaid leave until such time as they hire a woman of color, as he says. Well, he's also said that by black, he does not mean skin color, he means those who are really black, not those who think white and look black. And so what he is really saying is he wants ideological conformity in the people that are hired to fill this position. That's not uncommon either. I know a black woman, for example, who had a Ph.D. -- she's had a book published, she has another contract on another book, she's taught at a couple of very nice places, she has a devil of a time getting a job -- not a job in a prestigious institution, a job teaching at a college. And the reason is that she gets shot down, blackballed, whatever, by people who don't like her ideology. That's happening not only racially, it's also happening where race is not an issue. In a law school, I learned recently, there's a woman who was being considered for a tenured position, and all the men voted for her and all the woman voted against her, because she does not follow radical feminism, and so you're getting these ideological tests, so that at the very time that there's all this mouthing of the word diversity, there is this extremely narrow ideological conformity that is being enforced wherever people have the power to enforce it.

LAMB: What did you think of Derrick Bell's whole plan?

SOWELL: Well, his chances of success will depend on whether or not he has overestimated his importance to the Harvard Law School. I think it would be a tragedy if they caved in, and I was very pleased to see that they seemed to show some backbone, which is quite rare among academics.

LAMB: Now, what do you think of the press treatment of him?

SOWELL: It's been quite gentle.

LAMB: You mean, is he a hero?

SOWELL: To me?

LAMB: No. Basically, I mean, from the press coverage, you've seen, is he a hero to the ...?

SOWELL: Well, he's looked at as an idealist who is self-sacrificing and so on. I suppose one could, if one wanted to look at it that way, have seen Hitler that way in his early days. It's just a question of where that kind of idealism leads. He has launched a despicable attack on a young black professor at the law school who doesn't go along with this. A young man named Randall Kennedy, who has written a very thoughtful, intelligent article last June in the Harvard Law Review, questioning some of the assumptions that people are making, people like Derrick Bell and doing it in a very gentlemanly as well as very logical way, empirical way, and that's not what they want. They want the conclusion to be that -- they want him to march in lock step and he won't do it, and they're doing their best to make life impossible for him.

LAMB: What do you think Harvard will do?

SOWELL: I've heard that Kennedy -- and I don't know this -- I've heard that he has tenure, so I think that he may be all right.

LAMB: But, I mean, what do you think they'll do with ...

SOWELL: Derrick Bell?

LAMB: Yes.

SOWELL: I hope that they will resist it, and since it's gotten so much publicity, I'm not sure they could stand to cave in to it. I was very pleased to see that Alan Dershowitz of Harvard had criticized this and that he picked up the fact that what Bell is really asking for is not only that people be hired by race, but that they be hired to fit Derek Bell's ideology.

LAMB: What would happen if this was going on at Stanford Law School?

SOWELL: They'd have caved in long ago.

LAMB: Stanford Law School would have?

SOWELL: Yes. I think so. It's a judgment call, but that's my judgment.

LAMB: Why would they do it so quickly?

SOWELL: Just looking at their track record. They have perfected the technique of preemptive surrender.

• Breitbart (3/7/2012) DERRICK BELL'S SCI-FI FILM PORTRAYS REAGAN AS ALIEN SLAVE TRADER.  The 1994 HBO film "Cosmic Slop" featuring an adaptation of "Space Traders," a short story written by Prof. Derrick Bell, whom Barack Obama said we should "open [our] hearts, open [our] minds to the words of Derrick Bell."


Derrick Bell, the man whose scholarship inspired Barack Obama, was the Jeremiah Wright of academia. 

And a Hollywood cult hero.

Bell was one of the chief proponents of Critical Race Theory, a radical doctrine that holds that American legal institutions—including our civil rights laws—perpetuate white supremacy.

Bell's ideas were not only radical, but bizarre. After leaving Harvard (he resigned in 1992), he wrote a racialist, antisemitic fictional essay titled "The Space Traders," which Ninth Circuit judge Alex Kozinski described in the New York Times with disgust:

Imagine, if you will, that space aliens land in the United States and offer ''untold treasure'' in exchange for surrendering all black citizens to them. What does white America do? It votes to accept the deal by overwhelming margins. So says the law professor Derrick Bell, who poses the question in an allegorical tale he calls ''The Space Traders.''

There is opposition, however. Jews condemn the trade as genocidal and organize the Anne Frank Committee to try to stop it. Empathy from another group that has suffered oppression? Not according to Bell. Instead, Jews worry that ''in the absence of blacks, Jews could become the scapegoats.''

Such parables pass for legal scholarship these days…

Consider the ''Space Traders'' story. How does one have a meaningful dialogue with Derrick Bell? Because his thesis is utterly untestable, one quickly reaches a dead end after either accepting or rejecting his assertion that white Americans would cheerfully sell all blacks to the aliens. The story is also a poke in the eye of American Jews, particularly those who risked life and limb by actively participating in the civil rights protests of the 1960's. Bell clearly implies that this was done out of tawdry self-interest. Perhaps most galling is Bell's insensitivity in making the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy the little girl who perished in the Holocaust -- as close to a saint as Jews have. A Jewish professor who invoked the name of Rosa Parks so derisively would be bitterly condemned -- and rightly so.

The essay was not too offensive for Hollywood, however—or HBO, which turned it into a TV movie, Space Traders, in 1994 as part of a "bizarre, thought-provoking" blaxploitation trilogy, Cosmic Slop. 

Bell received a writing credit for the short film, which now presents in full.


"Space Traders" was produced by HBO films and is based on a short story writhed by Prof. Derrick Bell, Barack Obama's Harvard Law professor. Big Hollywood: "Bell eventually resigned from Harvard in 1992, and continued to stir controversy. He wrote a short story, "The Space Traders," in which he imagined that Americans would sell blacks to aliens in exchange for gold to repay the national debt. He also implied that Jews would help blacks only out of a sense of self-preservation, turning Holocaust victim and diarist Anne Frank into "the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy.""

• David Barton (Wallbuilders, 2/29/2012) America's Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President.

• Jerry Bowyer (Forbes, 3/8/2012) 'My Brother's Keeper': Answering My Critics and Obama's Defenders.


• Christian Post (3/7/2012) Crystal Cathedral Treading Water? Family Members Fired, 'Hour of Power' Goes to Reruns.  More Financial and Administration Woes Mark Iconic Ministry's Route From Bankruptcy.