Monday, January 9, 2012

400-408 – David Barton, founder and president of Wallbuilders (, an organization dedicated to presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built.  Author of many articles and books, including Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion, and America's Godly Heritage – a book that challenged me to reconsider what I had been taught about American history, specifically the role of Christianity in it, that finally culminated in me going to grad school and getting a Master's degree in political philosophy and American government.

Where would our founders say we went off the rails?  Two places:  in 1804 with the passage of the 12th Amendment which made the president directly elected by the people; and in 1913 with the 17th Amendment at the direct election of senators.

• LAT (01/09/2012) Tim Tebow delivers John 3:16 message without saying a word.  He threw for 316 yards, and averaged 31.6 yards per catch!

• Garrett M. Fahy and Shonda Werry (Washington Times, 01/06/2012) Santorum will fight for issues others ignore.

• WSJ Editors (01/09/2012) Rick Santorum's Economy: Sorting the good from the bad in the GOP candidate's agenda.

413-423 – David Barton

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428-438 – David Barton 

443-452 – David Barton,

458-508 – John Blandford, Regional Director for GMO (, gives us his "year in review" numbers for 2011.

• Here's how it works.  About 2 million people a day "look for God" on the internet (Googling terms such as "God," "Jesus," "prayer," "heaven", "hell," etc).  When they do, about 10% of them are directed to over a hundred different evangelistic websites in the top 23 languages in the world, where they read or hear the Gospel via the 4 Spiritual Laws and are given an opportunity to pray to receive Christ.  If they do so, they can then request follow-up with a GMO "online missionary."  To watch this happen in "real time," go to to see the world map and counter.

• On 12/28/2011, a group of Calvary Chapel pastors, led by Jack Hibbs at Chino Hills and Brian Brodersen at Costa Mesa, funded a MPD (million-person day) – reaching 1.3M people, with over 150,000 making decisions for Christ – in one day!

• 2011 Stats – 150M Gospel Presentations, 19M Indicated Decisions, 2.5M Email Follow-Ups.  200 church partners nationally, with about 100 here in So Cal.  25 times last year they shared the Gospel with a million or more people in one day.  It costs $60,000 to reach 1M people. GMO is on track to see 15 million decisions in the next 12 months.  They have about 8,000 online missionaries, about 4,000 of them here in the greater LA area, but they're always seeking more – especially foreign language speakers (Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Indonesian, and Arabic).

512-523 – John Blandford,

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528-539 – John Blandford

544-554 – John Blandford

• Christian Post (01/05/2012) Jesus Film Project to Take Over the World With 865 More Languages.  The Jesus Film Project has been translated into 1,100 languages and shown in 230 countries, and they're only 865 languages away from being translated into every documented tongue in the world. 

558-608 – • Fox News (01/09/2012) Good Samaritan Fighting For Life After Rescuing Drunken Man From Train Tracks.

(3X) Bungee Terror Audio of Video.


(6X) Sewer Audio


612-623 – Calls on three topics – What's your "Good Samaritan," or "this won't break," or your "rescue" story?

628-639 – Calls

644-654 – Calls

• Christian Post (01/07/2012) 12-Year-Old Dies of Cancer, Still Inspires Thousands to Never Give Up.  We had Jessica Joy Rees' father Eric on the show August 15th.  She passed last Thursday, Jan. 5th.  The celebration service is this Wednesday at 6pm at Saddleback.  Get more info at the NEGU Foundation website – Never Ever Give Up – (

• Christian Post (01/09/2012) Mark Driscoll's 'Real Marriage' Draws Controversy for 'Invasive' Sex Talk.

• Christian Post (01/09/2012) Rob Bell Receives a Tearful Farewell at Mars Hill Church.