Friday, October 22, 2010

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I'll be teaching Sunday night at Calvary Chapel South Bay for pastor Steve Mays at 6pm.  Love to see you there.

400-408 – Where's the "free speech?"  What's wrong with this picture?  Juan Williams, a journalist, gets fired by NPR for his "bigoted" statement about being concerned about seeing people in Muslim garb at an airport.  But, Kaukab Siddique, is allowed to preach hate and call for violence against Jews all in the name of "free speech" and keep his job as a tenured professor, funded in large part by tax dollars?  So, it's okay for professors at public schools to teach hate in the name of free speech, but not okay for journalists to report their own response to that hate?  Want to know why Americans are concerned about people wearing Muslim garb?  Just look at professor Kaukab Siddique.

• Campus Watch (10/19/2010) College Professor Calls for Israel's Destruction [on Kaukab Siddique].

(:40) Kaukab Siddique, tenured associate professor of English at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, celebrates "Al Quds Day" over Labor Day Weekend 2010.  Lincoln is the nation's oldest historically African-American college. Since 2003, it's received almost $200 million in Pennsylvania state money towards various projects.  "And I say to the Muslims, we are brothers and sisters, unite and rise up against this hydra-headed monster which calls itself Zionism.  Each one of us is their target, and we must stand united to defeat, destroy, to dismantle Israel – if possible by peaceful means. Perhaps, like Saladin, we will give them enough food and water to travel back to the lands from where they came to occupy other people. It is no question of just removing the settlements, these settlements are only the tentacles of the devil who resides in Tel Aviv."

• Fox News (10/22/2010) Billionaire Soros Pays for Additional Reporters for NPR Partner Initiative.

Juan Williams may be gone from National Public Radio's line-up of commentators, but billionaire liberal icon George Soros has donated $1.8 million to hire 100 new reporters for 50 of its member stations. 

• NRO Editors (10/22/2010) Let NPR Pay Its Own Way.

NPR has refused to supply a compelling explanation for why these remarks constitute a firing offense. NPR president Vivian Schiller said only (and later apologized for saying) that Williams should have kept these kinds of sentiments between himself and "his psychiatrist or his publicist." So we are left to guess. It has not escaped our notice that the left-wing Media Matters for America has for a long time been pressuring NPR to forbid its correspondents to appear on Fox News, nor that the same donor — one George Soros — just gave exceedingly large donations to both Media Matters and NPR. Hmm.

If NPR wants to behave like every other liberal news organization, complete with a slavish obeisance to left-wing pressure groups, fine. Those organizations don't rely on taxpayer funding, and neither should NPR.

• Peggy Noonan, WSJ (10/22/2010) Tea Party to the Rescue: How the GOP was saved from Bush and the establishment.

413-423 – • Neon Tommy (10/22/2010) Obama Takes The Stage At USC Rally.

• WSJ (10/22/2010) Campaign's Big Spender: Public-Employees Union Now Leads All Groups in Independent Election Outlays. 

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is now the biggest outside spender of the 2010 elections, thanks to an 11th-hour effort to boost Democrats that has vaulted the public-sector union ahead of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO and a flock of new Republican groups in campaign spending.

The 1.6 million-member AFSCME is spending a total of $87.5 million on the elections after tapping into a $16 million emergency account to help fortify the Democrats' hold on Congress. Last week, AFSCME dug deeper, taking out a $2 million loan to fund its push. The group is spending money on television advertisements, phone calls, campaign mailings and other political efforts, helped by a Supreme Court decision that loosened restrictions on campaign spending.

"We're the big dog," said Larry Scanlon, the head of AFSCME's political operations. "But we don't like to brag."

428-437 – David Barton, founder and president of Wallbuilders (, an organization dedicated to presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation upon which America was built.  Author of many articles and books, including Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion, and America's Godly Heritage – a book that challenged me to reconsider what I had been taught about American history, specifically the role of Christianity in it, that finally culminated in me going to grad school and getting a Master's degree in political philosophy and American government.  You've recently seen David many times on the Glenn Beck show.

• David is speaking this Sunday at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

443-452 – I teach on Federalism 101.


458-508 – • ADF (10/21/2010) Mich. woman accused of civil rights violation for seeking Christian roommate at church. ADF sends letter to Mich. Dept. of Civil Rights asking that complaint be dismissed immediately.

512-523 – Adam Kaloustian, Pastor of Ontario United Reformed Church in Ontario (  Service times are Sundays at 10am, with both an English and a Spanish service.  And a Sunday evening service in English at 530pm.

528-539 – Patrick Bet David, Founder and CEO of PHP (People Helping People) (, was on with Glenn Beck today, catch the replay tonight at 11pm, talking about how God is using free enterprise to save America.  Patrick's spiritual mentor is Pastor Dudley at Shepherd of the Hills, and they're close friends.  His show "Saving America" is heard Sunday's at noon here on KKLA.

(:60) Glenn Beck endorses PHP.

(:48) Patrick Bet David on the Glenn Beck Show today (10/22/2010).

544-554 – Patrick Bet David

558-608 – • Stephen Prothero, WSJ (10/22/2010) Can Yoga Be Christian?  An exercise craze provokes questions of body and soul.

• Albert Mohler (10/7/2010) Yahoo, Yoga, and Yours Truly.

• Albert Mohler (9/20/2010) The Subtle Body — Should Christians Practice Yoga?  When Christians practice yoga, they must either deny the reality of what yoga represents or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace of yoga. The contradictions are not few, nor are they peripheral.

• Sam Hodges, Dallas Morning News (10/19/2010) TEXAS FAITH: Should Christians (and other non-Hindus) beware of yoga?

612-623 – Yoga Calls

628-639 – Yoga Calls

644-656 – Yoga Calls